Enough to Get Started

Oh my goodness, what a week! Sorry for the very late post guys. It has been a long day….hell, it’s been a long week!!

We still have a lot to do but we have done enough to get started on our life together πŸ™‚

Today we went to my old apartment and cleaned the hell out of it. My landlady was happy and I got my deposit back without a complaint πŸ™‚

Then we came back to the apartment to clean up our mess from our week long build-a-thon. All of our Ikea/xxxLutz stuff came in boxes filled with plastic and styrofoam and since Germany is all about recycling – it all had to be sorted and taken to the recycling place.

To give you an idea of our mountain we had to sort through, here’s a photo of a part of it. Remember I said this is only a part of it:


Tune in Monday for the somewhat big reveal!

Have a great weekend!!

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