Biergartens, and Dirndls, and Mandeln, Oh My!

So this weekend, T and I made our way back up to his neck of the German woods in order to attend the Fränkisches Volksfest in Crailsheim.  It was started in 1841 and is the largest fest in the Hohenlohe-Franken region of Germany.


To my Hoosier readers: you are probably wondering how big is it? Well……

IN State Fair
Our state fair / Is a great state fair / Don’t miss it / Don’t even be late!!!!

As you can see, this photo is a map of our beloved Indiana State Fair….the red circle (where the Midway normally sits) represents the approximate size of this Volksfest. So it’s really not that big in comparison but it draws a crowd and was hella crowded.


But to be fair, it is more equivalent to our County Fairs (rather than State)…..just more rides and alcohol and less animal competitions.

Coming here was a great opportunity for T because he got to see old work friends.  They met up in a very very crowded Biergarten.  His friends were really nice but, of course, they were more interested in catching up with Thorsten.

Luckily my saviors arrived just in time: Nicola and Marcel…..remember the fairy tale wedding from last week?


They also came to the fest but were more inclined to hang out in a less crowded setting.  From there Nicola and I shared some ‘gebrannte Mandeln’ or sugar roasted almonds.  Those of you back in the states who frequent Renaissance Faires would be familiar with them (or if you have gone to the German Christmas Markets in Chicago).  They are best when straight out of the oven.

IMG_6608 IMG_6609mmmmmmmm   They are glorious.

From there, I tried to take photos of the local color.  As you can see, there are quite a few people in Lederhosen and Dirndls…..even though we aren’t technically in Bavaria.  One of the popular phads right now is women wearing Lederhosen.  Wait, not just Lederhosen…but ‘sexy’ Lederhosen.  This reminded me of my sophomore year in college when I got lazy and decided to go as a sexy lumberjack.

IMG_6621 IMG_6622 IMG_6624 IMG_6625
This was like that….only less ironic.
Sexy Lumberjack
I’m a Lumberjack and I’m ok!
I have to say that, as a straight woman, I can appreciate how flattering a Dirndl is on a woman’s body (regardless of body shape).  Lederhosen is not.

That being said, if you ladies out there want to wear Lederhosen (as in the authentic one) because you want to be touristy and think it’s cool (I am looking at you, Fellowship) then go for it! But if you want to turn heads and be sexy….wear a Dirndl.

That’s my two cents on the subject.

Anyway, Nicola decided to go home earlier because…welll…she planned a hell of a wedding and then still had to work part of the week.  Marcel, on the other hand, takes pride in being called the King of the Night.  He is that guy at parties who is the last one on the dance floor.  He kept joking that he and I were going to leave everyone after the fest and go find a dance club and keep dancing….but as the night wore one, you can tell he heard the siren call of his bed.  A wedding can knock out even the fiercest of partiers.

So we just hung out (and Thorsten joined us, too).  We walked around and played some games, went back to the Biergarten (the crowd had thinned out tremendously at this point). We talked and drank (I had the non-alcoholic ones since I was the official DD).  Before we knew it, it was passed 1am.  That was when we decided to ‘start’ our way back to the car…..but first, more food had to be consumed….

IMG_6626 IMG_6627 IMG_6628 IMG_6629 IMG_6636
I had to put this photo up because GOOD GOD THAT HOTDOG WAS HUGE!!!!
We dropped off those who hitched a ride with us before going back to T’s parents’ house and crashing for the night.

I really enjoy these fests.  Hell, I love going to the State Fair but it’s only once a year.  But here in Germany there are fests all the time! Winning!

Bis Mittwoch!

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