It’s the Eyrie or Rohan…..You Choose

We interupt this regularly scheduled post to give you an ‘awwwwwwww’ moment.

A few weeks ago, a co-worker approached me because her daughter, Daniela, wanted an American penpal.  She asked if I had any girls about her age in my family…..

We are mostly girls in my family so that was easy…..I was able to give her two penpals: my Goddaughter Christina and my  neice Katelyn. Daniela, according to her mother, has been over the moon happy with her new friends.  Apparently she gets up even earlier for school to check her email.

It’s adorable.

Anyway, my co-worker pulled me aside today to tell me that her daughter has been so happy that she wanted to thank me:

IMG_6806She baked me a cake! Also, she wrote a sweet little thank you note to go along with it.  It definitely tugged at my heart strings.  I didn’t expect such a thank you.  I just enjoyed that I could bring two worlds together among these girls 🙂

And now for something completely different….

So the next part of T and my craaaaaazy Saturday, after our descent from Hohenkrähen, we stopped at Radolfzell for a quick bite to eat:

IMG_6747 IMG_6748Yup, that’s T with his ‘serious German’ face.

Anyway, I didn’t take photos of our food because we were starving by the time it came and we wanted to eat!

So afterwards, we hopped back in the car and headed towards Singen where our next castle was: Hohentwiel.

Hohentwiel was a beast compared to Hohenkrähen.  It is actually the largest ruined fortress in Germany and they weren’t kidding:

This is what Hohenltwiel looks like on a good day:

Thank you Google Images
Thank you Google Images

Unfortunately the day we went was not one of those days.  Also, after climbing Hohenkrähen it was a workout.

DSC01253After a climb we came a crossed the entrance.  Through the tunnel took us to another entrance:

DSC01255As you can see in the far end of the photo…..there was still some climbing to do.  But first! Photos!

IMG_6758 IMG_6760 IMG_6761 IMG_6762 IMG_6765 IMG_6766 IMG_6767 IMG_6768 IMG_6769 IMG_6770 IMG_6772 IMG_6778 IMG_6779These were just my photos… are some from T:

DSC01259 DSC01265 DSC01270 DSC01272 DSC01273 DSC01274 DSC01275 DSC01276 DSC01277 DSC01278 DSC01280 DSC01282 DSC01286 DSC01287 DSC01288 DSC01289Yeah….the beast was huge! There were a few other gems I wanted to point out:

IMG_6777From Hohentwiel….you can see Hohenkrähen!

IMG_6771There were also people dressed in costume! Why? Well you will have to tune in on Friday to get the answer to that questions!

It was such a cool castle.  Hohenkrähen reminded me of Rohan as we climbed it but Hohentwiel reminded me of the Eyrie.

Do you know what I am talking about?

Well, for the non-nerds out there: Rohan is the a kingdom of Men from Lord of the Rings.

EdorasThis is Edoras – home to the king of the Rohirrim.  I guess if you compare this with Hohentwiel you could say they are very similar

Hohentwiel overlooking Singen - Google Images
Hohentwiel overlooking Singen – Google Images

But I still think it is more like the Eyrie from George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire:

From the TV show Game of Thrones
From the TV show Game of Thrones

Ok….so maybe they are a little different, but the climb appeared just as extreme 😉

Tune in Friday where you will find out why there was someone dressed as though they were an extra on Outlander…

Bis Freitag!

8 thoughts on “It’s the Eyrie or Rohan…..You Choose

  1. This looked like an excellent adventure! Your man is awesome for wanting to do it just for the fun of it. There were a couple of picture in here of you, and you look really good babe. Germany seems to suite you. 🙂 Miss you loads!

  2. Your Edoras comparison is spot on, I totally agree.

    I was delighted to see a pug in the photos. I own a pug, and had I tried to climb up to a castle that reminded one of the Eyrie, my dog Chi Chi would have tried to sniff every brick along the way.

    1. Abner tried to sniff every tree as well! It was worse on the descent; you would think he had never seen the same tree just an hour before! He is a trooper and I enjoy taking him on adventures 🙂

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