Why I like Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme….

See what I did there?  Did you like my little Simon and Garfunkel reference? You didn’t? Well, too bad.

So it turns out that the extras from Outlander were actually folks
dressed up for the nearby Renaissance Fair! Actually, here in Germany they are called Mittlealtermarkt….

IMG_6781Also known as Middle Age Market…
I will just let that stew for a few minutes before moving on….
Anyway, while there were a lot of middle aged folks there, it was
definitely something for people of all ages.  (Did you get it now?) It
was very small compared to other fairs I have been to in the past
(especially compared to the one in Maryland where I went with Wendy and Amanda…too fun!! Here are some photos)

2013_ 9_16_19_21 2013_ 9_16_19_24(1)

Amanda and Lance <3
Amanda and Lance ❤
with my Wendy Bear
with my Wendy Bear

2013_ 9_16_19_22And yes, I do dress up for these things, too!

So here are photos of the German Renn Fair:
IMG_6784 IMG_6787 IMG_6786 IMG_6788 IMG_6789 IMG_6790Unfortunately I had left my awesome coat in the States (temporarily)
and my corset at home so I was dressed like a normy.  This was
Thorsten’s first Renn Fair and it was pretty hilarious….I wish I got a
picture of his face.    Let’s face it, in our relationship: he’s the
jock and I’m the nerd….you can imagine what it is like to throw a jock
into a place like this.  But Thorsten is also a guy who goes into
things with an open mind and you know what? He enjoyed himself.
We walked around the shops and looked around….which didn’t take long because of how short it was.  But then we found this beauty:
IMG_6791This is a kiosk to buy beer….how awesome is this?  So Thorsten got a
beer and I got mead…
I love mead.  I really love mead. I even bought a bottle, I was so
excited…..except for the fact that the dude behind the counter
literally sniffed my ten Euro note before taking it with his teeth.  I
know he was trying to pretend that “ooooooo how modern is this paper money?!” But even for me, it was a bit much.
While I waited (with the dog, since this was Abner’s first fair, too).
I got this awesome picture of the view of Hohentwiel from the Fair.
IMG_6793Too cool.Anyway, T finally came back with his beer…
IMG_6796And my mead (next to the uber cool bottle I bought).  If any of who
had the pleasure of trying real mead (say at The Irish Lion in
Bloomington, Indiana) you will know that normally I have had mead in a small glass….barely bigger than a shot glass.  This is because mead is hella strong.  So you can imagine how I was by the end of drinking this beast.
I was drunk. But it was awesome mead.
Meanwhile, Abner was beyond pooped.  He immediately crawled up into my lap and fell asleep.
IMG_6801IMG_6800Though eventually he moved over to T’s lap, where he fell asleep again.
IMG_6802All in all, it was a great day….we were all very exhausted and happy
by the end.   I don’t know when or where the next Renn Fair is, but at
least put these two castles on your list of things to see when you
come visit me 🙂
A bowl of water for dogs.  The sign says: "Dog Wine."
A bowl of water for dogs. The sign says: “Dog Wine.”

Coming up next Monday, I will be tackling another huge festival: Muswiese!

Bis Montag!


4 thoughts on “Why I like Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme….

  1. Wow…. I really would have thought they would have better Renn fests than us…. but Lance made the good point that since it actually happened there maybe they don’t romanticize it as much as we do…?

    Well I am shocked and saddened to discover he first reason for T to lose brownie points. Not a geek?! How in the world could you have ended up with a non-geek??

    1. I agree that this fest didn’t feel as romanticized as the ones back home. All the clothes seem to be more for practicality and not for show like ours. It was still a cool experience.

      As for T not being a geek. It’s only because he has not been exposed to geekish things. Lord of the Rings, GoT, or even Doctor Who are all very prevalent in the English speaking world. They can be found in Germany but it is not something they swarm to because it is not their culture. But the fact that T is always open to new ideas and new experiences makes up for it. I get to show him these things and a lot of times he enjoys it. Sometime he doesn’t and that’s ok because at least he tried 🙂

    2. Oh! I just now remembered. They don’t romanticize the Middle Ages like we do but they do romanticize the Wild West. For one of the bachelor parties earlier this year, the guys dressed up as cowboys and went to this huge park made to look like an old west town. So they do similar things but romanticize something that isn’t part of their history just like we do. Interesting no?

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