That Episode of Muswiese Where I Saw My Nephew’s Doppelgänger…..

So we just finished up the last few days of Muswiese.  It was another year gone and good times were had….and I am still sick.

We left Überlingen around mid-day but it still took us a while. We got the house to drop off our stuff and the dog and then went to Muswiese.

I still felt rather sick so I warned T that I wouldn’t last very long but he was more than welcome to stay with his friends and party enough for the both of us.

I found out earlier that day that my partner in crime (Nicola) was also sick so she was unable to partake in the festivities either.

Turns out that I was there long enough to just buy a pair of pajamas (because I forgot mine in Überlingen) and have dinner.

2014_10_17_11_36 2014_10_17_11_36(1) 2014_10_17_11_36(2)We stopped by one of the halls for a bite.  I had this delightful Bratwurst in sauce.  Unfortunately I felt so crappy that I could only eat about half of it.  T helped with the rest.

But while we were sitting waiting for our food….I saw the craziest thing:

My nephew’s Doppelgänger

Jake - happy as a clam
Jake – happy as a clam

This is Jake.  No offense to other gingers out there but this one is the cutest  I know.

This is his German twin (I shall call him Ekaj)

2014_10_17_11_35For serious, I stared at this kid.  It was uncanny.  Also I took many photos of this kid.  I wasn’t sneaky at all.  HIs parents  probably thought I was same weird creeper taking photos of their kid but I didn’t care.

Anyway, I went home after that and spent the evening watching Doctor Who and Victor/Victoria with my dog.

The next day, aftering getting pumped full of drugs, I felt well enough to venture back into Muswiese with T and his mom.  We also took the dog with us.

2014_10_17_11_37 2014_10_17_11_37(3)We stopped at zum Pressler (Pressler being the name of the family) where I had this beast of a Schnitzel.  I was actually starting to feel better for the first time in days so I ate the whole thing…

Ok so Abner had a few bites.

Afterwards we walked around and did a little shopping:

2014_10_17_11_38(2) 2014_10_17_11_37(1) 2014_10_17_11_37(2)We had to take Abner back after a while because he was very stressed by the large number of people around him.  So we took him and T’s mom back and returned to continue our festivities:

There’s my Thorsten looking like a model on accident…

2014_10_17_11_38(1) 2014_10_17_11_38 2014_10_17_11_39 (1)We hung out with Marcel which is always a garanteed good time.  We played come carnie games:

2014_10_17_13_ 5(2) 2014_10_17_13_ 5(1) 2014_10_17_11_39We started with shooting guns.  They thought I would like that because I am American and we like to shoot things.  Well, yeah…..

Out of 11 targets, I missed only 1 and then won this little teddy. Isn’t he ever so cute?

2014_10_17_11_40 2014_10_17_11_39(1) (1)We played some other games which didn’t show off my American awesomeness as much as shooting.  Then we went to a nearby bar where I sipped some glorious Glühwein while enjoying fireworks which marked the end of the Muswiese season:

2014_10_17_11_40(2) 2014_10_17_11_40(1) 2014_10_17_11_41(2) 2014_10_17_11_41

2014_10_17_11_41(1)We also met up with one of Thorsten’s old co-workers (Steffen) and his girlfriend Julia and her friend Tina.  They invited me to try a cherry liquor shot (we already were drinking cherry rum and they claimed that the liquor was better)

So Julia bought a round and then Tina.  A little note on German culture as a woman: when you are with a group of ladies and they start buying rounds….it is common courtesy that you should, too.  So I also bought a round….then they started buying more rounds.  I ran out of money so I thought we were done. Until T decided to join and buy us a round and then the owner of zum Pressler came and bought us a round.

It’s a vicious cycle, ya’ll!

Then we got hungry. Unfortunately most places were closed by this time so we settled for the last of the Muswiese wurst:

2014_10_17_13_ 6(1) 2014_10_17_13_ 6(2)Look at this thing! It’s a beast! Also Steffen decided to make a brief cameo.  It was one of those meals where you eat so much that afterwards you want to sleep…..but it was not to be for the King of the Night (Marcel) had beckoned us forth.

2014_10_17_11_42 2014_10_17_11_41 (1)Oh man, I need a nap after going back over what we have done over the passed two days.  Thankfully the weekend is much more chill so I can kick the last of this cold before work on Monday.

Stay healthy out there, folks!

Bis Montag!









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