Why You Need to go to Belize

So I am digressing from Germany because I feel like thinking of warmer climes as the temperatures drop.

Back when I was a senior in high school (and freshman in college), I went to a little tiny island off the coast of Belize called San Pedro.  The first year I went with one of my best friends and her family.  The next year I went again with them, but I also dragged my parents, too.

Flying over San Pedro as we landed...
Flying over San Pedro as we landed…

Why am I recommending Belize? One of the big factors of why I like it is because hardly anyone knows about this little place.  It’s so little that you could literally walk across the island in about an hour.  It’s so small that you can only drive around on golf carts like this one here:

L-R: Dad, Mamita, Kirsty, and me
L-R: Dad, Mamita, Kirsty, and me

Also, the water is beautiful!

This photo is unedited
This photo is unedited

Look at that! You can see the bottom of that!

There are quite a few tourists that travel to this little oasis, most are English.  Kirsty’s family have been going every year since the older brother (JB) was little.  They have their guide that they use every year to literally spend the day fishing.  The nights were filled with alcohol.  Good times were had.

Belize 2006 014 Belize 2006 022

I got this 22lb barracuda when I was 18....yup, I am a badass!
I caught this 22lb barracuda when I was 18….yup, I am a badass!

There was one day where we rented several carts to roam the island: most of it was undeveloped and wild:

1910095_556243671129_7949_n 1910095_556243726019_144_n 1910095_556243745979_920_n 1910095_556243765939_2536_n 1910095_556243800869_4651_nWe did come a crossed a resort in construction where I did epically fall down a flight of stairs into the ocean….but fortunately there is no photographic evidence.

But there is one of the epic bruise!

belize...again 001Also, Belize sits right next to the second largest Barrier Reef in the world.  So for those of you who are divers….

Belize 2006 0312

Or just recreational snorklers like myself….you should jump in!

Belize 2006 035

And swim with sharks!

Belize 2006 026 Belize 2006 027Don’t worry, they are nurse sharks….so as long as you don’t bleed then you’re fine.

I can’t wait to go back someday and take Thorsten.  Maybe we will time it so we go when the Olson’s go (my besties’ family).  Cause they are a fun bunch of people

belize...again 030



A shameless plug for my readers…

Do you notice the young man on the left?

Here’s another photo from that trip:

belize...again 010

Does he look familiar? He may, I met up with him recently on Thorsten and my trip to New York back in April:

JB and La Mari
JB and La Mari

Do you need a clearer one?


Courtesy of JohnOlsonOnline.com
Courtesy of JohnOlsonOnline.com

We call him Thor now.

Anyway, he is currently a cast member of the reality tv show:


They take a group of Americans and bring them to Sweden where they get to research their ancestors.  You can tell he’s a total Swede!

Anyway, if you click the show’s title above, you will find yourself on John’s website where you can watch the first episode for free!!!!

Do it! You know you want to!

Anyway, this post digressed rather rapidly, but I hope you learned something new about Belize and how I know Thor’s twin brother 🙂

Bis Freitag!



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