10 Reasons Why Living in Überlingen is Awesome

Sorry about Monday, folks.  T and I decided to add going to the gym to our crazy hectic routine and I seriously underestimated the time I needed for this post so I decided to just post today 🙂

For my family and friends who have been here for a while know about Überlingen but those of you who are new to Adventures of La Mari – Überlingen is where I currently live in Germany.

Where is it?

Screenshot 2014-11-04 at 1.26.42 PM

It’s a small town just off the coast of Lake Constance (also known as Bodensee or the Swabian Sea (das schwäbische Meer in German).  T and I chose it because it sits equidistant between our two jobs.  We also think it’s just absolutely gorgeous.

This last Sunday, two of my friends from work (Jessie and Eveline) came out to our neck of the woods for a visit.  As Thorsten and I showed them around, I decided that it would be a great time to also show you, the readers, around and give you a list of reasons as to why Überlingen is awesome!

  1. This. View.


On a good day you can look out into Austria and Switzerland……oh and the Alps.  I have taken several photos like these just by taking Abner for a walk.  Granted, clear days like this don’t always happen (which is why I snap photos like a crazy person when they do).  They have a saying in this area:

When you can see the Alps, bad weather is coming.

I mean, it’s common sense when you think about it.  But at the same time, the weather in these parts can be so mercurial.  This time of year, a day can go from clear sunny day to zero visibility fog in minutes.  This brings me to my next point.

  1. Tourists and Fog

I am from the Midwest and there we say that there are not four seasons, just two: Winter and Construction.  This is true in the Bodensee region except that it’s Tourists and Fog.

They weren’t kidding about the fog.

When Jessie and Eveline were visiting, we took a nice walk into downtown Überlingen.  It was beautiful, sunny, and warm.  We ate lunch at a nice Greek restaurant (turns out that the owner came from the same city in Greece as Jessie – small world!).



Abner got to have some Gyro, too.

We enjoyed ourselves and decided to head back. Within minutes we could no longer see the lake and barely see in front of us.

IMG_7561 IMG_7568

I felt like I was in a Dicken’s novel.

When you are not prepared, the fog is cold and not very fun.  But if you are, it’s very cool to watch it roll over the lake.  It’s also fun to take photos of how the town looks!

  1. Castles

Ok, so I live in Europe.  Castles are obviously going to be nearby.  But the ones we have already (and will soon) explore are so cool!

–     Hohenkrähen


–     Hohentwiel


–     Meersburg

2014_ 6_22_20_39(1)

–     Salem


This last one is not a photo I took.  I have not had the opportunity yet.  I got this from their website.  I actually drive by this beauty every day (to and from work).  It’s massive! It’s a museum, a winery, they host concerts there (there was a Bryan Adams concert there on my birthday), oh and it’s also a boarding school.

So I technically drive past the German Hogwarts. If the name Salem didn’t give it away…….

What the what?!

Speaking of other cool architecture….

  1. Birnau

2014_ 6_22_20_43(1)

Thorsten and I first came a crossed this beauty on a bike ride for my birthday.  This is on our list of places to visit.  It was once a cloister that made wine….it is now just a winery.  If there is one thing we have a plenty of in this area, it is a long list of wineries.

But to go along with your wine you need…

  1. Food

IMG_7581 IMG_7566 IMG_7567

I loves food.  We are also walking distance from downtown Überlingen and its “Seepromenade” or Lake promenade (See = Lake).  They have a long street filled with restaurants, cafes, and ice cream shops (because good god, ice cream is awesome).  They all have outdoor seating because who doesn’t want this view while eating?

Unfortunately most of these places are closed during the winter.  This yesterday was the last day for most of these restaurants so Eveline and Jessie came at a good time

But after so much food, you need to walk around and see

  1. The Quaint Architecture


Again, I am in Europe so old timey wimey architecture comes with the territory.  But Überlingen is so pretty!


  1. The Flower Island

There is a very VERY tiny port in Überlingen where you can hop on a boat that takes you to Insel Mainau – also known as the Flower Island.

Screenshot 2014-11-04 at 2.17.14 PM Screenshot 2014-11-04 at 2.16.39 PM

We haven’t had a chance to hit this yet either.  I am pretty sure I saw pictures of Thorsten there when he was a baby but that doesn’t count as him going so we will definitely try and make it there for our first time (but probably in the spring when there are flowers).

  1. Bodensee Therme


After a long day of eating, site seeing, and trying to fend off the fog – you need a place to relax.  Überlingen has its own spa with an outdoor pool where you maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe get to see the Alps.  We have yet to see this but we know it will happen!  But I haven’t mustered up the courage to go to the naked sauna…..yet!

  1. We are on Lake Constance!

I mean, come on! Lake Constance! Bodensee! Swabian Sea! In the summer, this lake is covered in sailboats and in the evening you can see the lights of other villages along the coast like fireflies. Or sometimes you see nothing because there is fog….oh well…..

10. Did I mention this view?


It’s gorgeous!

Have any of you been to Lake Constance? I know plenty who have been to Lake Michigan and that’s a treasure in it of itself.  There you feel like you are on the edge of the ocean but Bodensee is obviously a lake (or a sea if you want to get colloquial) with its own beauty.  This area should be on your list of places to see in Germany! You will not be disappointed!

Bis Freitag!



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