How the People Make the Place

While I was in Indiana, I decided to make a little pilgrimage back to my Alma Mater – Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.


I lived there for almost 7 years – some of my most fun years took place there (college, obviously!).  But after all my friends left after college, things changed.  Bloomington wasn’t the same for me.

Going back again, if only for a few hours, proved that the people made Bloomington for me.

You can’t go back.  Not really.  I mean maybe for a reunion (or Little 500), but it won’t be the same.  Everyone changes.

When I was flying home, I met a nice gentleman by the name of Eric.  He sat next to me on the flight but it wasn’t until the last hour and a half that we started talking.  I couldn’t figure him out for the longest time because he spoke English without an accent and yet was reading a German newspaper.  Upon getting to know the guy, I learned that he was born in a village just outside of Stuttgart and lived there until he was about 15 when his parents moved him to Philedelphia.  He told me how he went back to his village but could no long see it as “his” village.  Too much had changed; he had changed.  All he had left were the memories.

That’s what I have of my years in Bloomington.  I have a ton of memories. As I walked through campus with my mom, snapping photos, I remembered the good times and how I still find this campus gorgeous.

I will still come back and visit Bloomington when I can.  I plan on not coming alone, though.  I brought T here once and he fell in love with the town.  The town has been good to me, I have met some of my closest friends here (as well as strengthened a friendship with another member of the Fellowship)

Special thanks to some of my friends on Facebook for unknowingly supplying me with a few of these photos (the rest are mine).

Of course some of the best memories were created in the house I lived in.  We called it Rose House (because it was on Rose Ave. – clever no?).  It was the Mecca of parties for my chemistry fraternity (Alpha Chi Sigma) as well as the ballroom team and theatre department.  It was also a haven for anyone who needed a place to crash or just to hang out.  I miss that house.

Anyhoo, I am grateful for my time there and I won’t forget it.  But there’s no point in dwelling.

But to my fellow Hoosiers out there, maybe down the line we should have our own little (Rose House) reunion.  Maybe sometime in the fall when the leaves are changing in Brown County.  Maybe we just rent a cabin out there and reminisce.  But it has to be a loooooooooooooooooong time in the future.  I mean like twenty some years or something.  Not enough time has passed in order to warrant a reunion to Bloomington.  Maybe one in Germany 😉

Bis Freitag!

One thought on “How the People Make the Place

  1. These are all very related to my observations about Bloomington as I stayed a little too long after everyone I knew and cared about left. It’s a place for college kids or people with families. Otherwise? eh, it’s just a cute little town sort of out in the middle of no-where civilization.

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