Adventures of Abner Part 4

It’s about time you got your regular dose of Abner.  I love taking photos of my dog, because he is too damn cute.


Good times.  It’s not always very easy to get photos of him.

Abner IMG_7564

What I looked like taking this photo of the pooch.

The photos may turn out nice but
unfortunately he’s a mover so it’s hard to get a clear photo of him.  It’s a shame because I do adore his little wrinkles and would love to show off my pug in his wrinkly glory.

Before my trip to the US, I purchased a new toy for the blog (as well as Abner picture taking).  I bought a Sony Alpha 58 and I loves it.  I have been using it for the more recent posts concerning my trip to Indiana but I wanted to also showcase how much better my Abner pictures are!

IMG_6691 IMG_7126 IMG_7129

These were all done with my iPhone.  I am not going to lie – I am pretty lazy.  I took almost all of my photos with said iPhone because the camera was decent and I always had it with me.

I had actually tried to look into fancy pants lenses for my iPhone in an attempt to improve my photos.  T convinced me that if I wanted to improve the images on my blog, I should just invest in a better camera.  One of the perks of having a German boyfriend – he is very VERY thorough when it comes to research.

This is where I found my new toy – totally worth it!

That’s just a taste for now.  But what do you think?


Isn’t Abner much more amazing in his wrinkly glory?


All right, it’s time for the weekend!

Bis Montag!!!

2 thoughts on “Adventures of Abner Part 4

  1. Wow, how did you get the one of him in the air! And the one of him kissing you back is perfectly timed too heh. Indeed, pics much better, very cool

    1. It’s one of the nice perks of a nicer camera – better features for action shots. We actually quite a few photos of him jumping and kissing and these were the best 🙂

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