Four Countries in One Day!!!!!

That’s right, my friends.  T and I beat our record from my birthday weekend back in June.  Then we did three countries in four days…..this time, we did four in one!

How the hell did we do it?

Well, it all started with this:

DSC00638 DSC00670 DSC00680

I took the first photo while T took the second two…..

So with the clouds finally parting enough to let us actually see the Alps combined with our new sexy camera – we decided that we would spend our Sunday driving into the Alps. Where? We decided to wing it.

So we started… Austria……

DSC00708 DSC00712

The view was breathtaking.  These photos don’t really do it justice – it’s really hard to imagine just how ginormous they are unless you are actually there (this is my way of saying you should visit)

This was literally all we did in Austria – as well as pay the toll.  So it counts!

We made the decision to go to Liechtenstein.  Why? Well, neither of us had been there so it would be another country to cross off our list and it’s in the middle of the Alps – so, winning!

In order to get to Liechtenstein, we actually had to hop over to Switzerland for a few miles (still counts!)


We made our way to the little quaint capital of Liechtenstein – Vaduz. It was literally the size of my town here in Germany…except in the Alps.

We climbed up to see the “White House” of Liechtenstein (a private palace for the Lord of the country) and we even had crepes for lunch!

DSC00779 DSC00781

We then hopped back in our Schumann mobile and drove back to Switzerland.  T had heard about a beautiful lake in the mountains so we went in search of it….

DSC00795 DSC00800 DSC00801 DSC00804

Whale lake was absolutely gorgeous…..and a little chilly….

Simply. Gorgeous.

But since it’s winter and our light was fading, T wanted to show me just one more place.

So we drove around this glorious mountain to the other side where there are popular ski resorts.

It’s a little preview of what will be coming on my first ski trip next week……well, if there’s snow.

What a beautiful day no? It wasn’t done, though! What else did we do? Tune in on Friday to find out what we did!

Bis Freitag!


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