One of my Favorite Gems in Indiana

If you ever find yourself in southern Indiana, you should take some time out and head to French Lick.

French what?

Yeah, you read that right: French Lick.

It is at the sight of Pluto’s Spring as well as a salt lick (hence the Lick).  It is in the middle of beautiful rolling hills and literally sits in the middle of nowhere.  But that’s the point – you’re supposed to be relaxed.


But that’s not the reason why we go:

I go for the wine (there is an amazing winery nearby with great food!)

My dad likes to go to the casino:

DSC01983 DSC01969

I am not much of a gambler but I like the pretty lights of the penny slots (though my recent trip to Austria and introduction to Roulette has proven to be more fun).

You can stay in the same hotel where many Hollywood celebrities and people of history have stayed:

Franklin Roosevelt announced his intention to run for President at the French Lick Hotel

NBA legend Larry Bird calls French Lick his hometown.

Bing Crosby, Abbott and Costello, Bob Hope, Howard Hughes and Lana Turner, Hoagy Carmichael, Duke Ellington, and Louis Armstrong, Joe Louis, and Irving Berlin as well as the first Mrs. John Jacob Astor IV were all known to have been guests.

There are many more but you have to go and look at their wall of photos of their famous guests.

But this is not why I enjoy bringing people here.  The real gem is in the town of West Baden (which is practically still in French Lick).

It was built in 1855 in capitalize on nearby spring.  I have heard conflicting stories on the name but either way it was named after a town in Germany because it reminded Lee W. Sinclair of Deutschland (it was either named after Wiestbaden but modeled after the spa in Baden Baden).

There are no words to describe how gorgeous it is – and pictures don’t do it justice:


Look at this! Look.  At.  This. Ugh, it’s gorgeous.  If you do find yourself in this place, I highly recommend you at least spend a night here.  Enjoy the wine, have a spa day, just sit in this room and stare in wonder


My parents do.

Anyway, I wanted to share one of my favorite places in my Hoosier state.

Schoenes Wochende und bis Montag!


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