Why Americans are Better than Germans at Marathoning…..

Television.  We know how to marathon television.

It all started with Netflix……

Netflix has dangerously fed my addiction for years.  Thanks to Netflix, not only have I had access to one of the greatest shows ever….

Buffy the Vampire Slayer….

I have watched the entire show three – yes, three – times! (144 episodes to be exact!) Come to think of it, I think I need to watch it again.


Living with a German (also with my many summers in Peru), I have learned the different roles of television in each culture.

Love me some Doctor Who

In the US, the television is the focal point of a family home.  Well, it used to be…now the more you have, the better.  It’s kind of a big deal if you have a tv in the bathroom.

In Peru, the tv does not go in the living room.  That room is designated for sitting around and actually having a conversation with your family and or guests. (I have noticed that the tvs are usually in the bedrooms.  I never noticed it when I was younger, it was just something I had accepted).

In Germany, you can find the tv also in the living room. Usually just the one. Usually.

But living here, I have noticed that Germans don’t worship the Tube as much as the Americans.  I have overheard some nonsense about having a life or something? Maybe you have heard of it?

When it was announced that Friends was now on Netflix – my Facebook feed was filled with status updates from friends and family all announcing that they will be disappearing from the face of the earth because they would be binge watching until it they completed their task.


On the other hand, my German friends were all about nature and stuff. I don’t know who has better priorities.

Granted, I am all for getting off the couch on occasion – it also helps that T is a huge motivator and thus we have such fun adventures!

But there are times that I missed sitting around the tv with my friends watching the latest episode and then discussing it at great lengths. Or even a bad movie night!

Bad movie night is reminiscent of MST3K (Mystery Science Theatre 3000) where you sit around watching a movie (the worse the better) and just make fun of it.  I find myself bad movie-ing a lot of things now but I since I am by myself I just sound like a crazy person muttering to herself.

Anyway, T has made a great partner in crime whether it is enjoying nature…..or watching nature on tv.  He has made me more active, I have made him more lazy….it’s like we’re perfect!

So Americans – when I come home to visit, what shows are we gonna watch? What do I need to catch up on?

Shoenes Wochenende und bis Mittwoch!

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