Your PSA from La Mari

Hello my lovely readers! Sorry for being really bad about these late posts this last week.  The last several days have been borderline hellish for me – but don’t worry! I have survived!

This is the life of an expat.  There are great days and there are fucking terrible days.  The life of an immigrant can only be measured in extremes.  When things go well – they go REALLY well.

When they don’t…..well… have a week like mine.


Of course it has been a vast learning experience.  You have to look at bad days as such because it is the only way you will be able to keep you sanity as you live far from home.  I did learn.  I learned a little bit more about myself, certain people, and that I am so lucky to have such an amazing support group.

While it was only a fraction of what I was going through this last week but my confidence had taken quite a beating. But with a good pep talk and some tough love from my co-workers, my mom, and T I was then able to bounce back and I am grateful for that.  In fact, I am simply grateful for everything I have because I truly believe that I got a sweet thing going on over here in Deutschland.

Yeah....what I have going on with this one :-)
Yeah….what I have going on with this one 🙂

But that is life – it’s always a work in progress.  Some days will be good – some days you just need to sit on the couch and stuff your face with cheese filled peppers, chips, chocolate, and Ben and Jerry’s (yes, they have such food of the Gods here in Germany)……all the while watching Fried Green Tomatoes on Netflix.


If you find yourself in the situation where you need for this to happen – do it. You are not alone…..that was me a few days ago.

Anyway, enough sap……I will now fill the end of this post of photos of my dog (I recently discovered that he likes tractor rides and snowboarding – for realz!)

Bis Freitag!

DSC01070 IMG_0348

DSC00900 DSC01190

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