George Clooney Sounds Weird…..

I have been asked by a few friends from back home the following question:

In American Films, dubbed in German, do they use one German voice actor per American actor or are different voices used in each movie?

The answer is this: they do designate certain German voice actors to American actors.  This is a very interesting subject because while American/English speaking actors  are chosen for their looks regardless of how they sound – the Germans have the luxury of picking their voice actors based on how they sound.

The result is a pretty nice sounding movie.


As someone who knows how they actors really sound like – it can be very unnerving to hear a voice that you don’t recognize.  Going to see Interstellar in German and NOT hearing Matthew McConaughey’s sexy southern drawl is just wrong – WRONG I tell you!!! (Below is the German trailer for Interstellar)


But then again – let’s look at this from the other side: a few months ago, I had T watch O Brother, Where Art Though.  If you have not seen this movie, you should…..right now! It’s ok, I’ll wait…..






Anyway, a few minutes into the movie (we were watching it in English) and T suddenly exclaimed,

“Is that George Clooney’s real voice?”

I had to think about what the meant besides the obvious.  Normally, Clooney performs with a more neutral accent.  But he is actually southern (Kentucky to be specific) so it made sense that he spoke with such an accent for this particular movie.

“Yes,” I finally replied.

“He sounds weird.”

Welcome to my world.

To a German, they also grew up recognizing the German voices in their favorite actors.  Even when those same actors lend their voices to various German commercials they are still recognized as “Leonard DiCaprio’s voice” or “Jennifer Aniston’s” voice.  And so on……

But it’s not a 1:1 deal. There is not one German voice actor per English speaking actor. German voice actor Thomas Danneberg represents the voices of Sylvester Stallone, Terence Hill, John Cleese, Dan Aykroyd, Adriano Celentano, Nick Nolte, John Travolta, Michael York, Rutger Hauer, Dennis Quaid and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Oh yes, even though our favorite Governator’s mother language is German (he’s Austrian), he has a voice actor do his German movies.

I know what you're made recording the German dub of the Expendables a logistical nightmare!
I know what you’re thinking… made recording the German dub of the Expendables a logistical nightmare!

A friend of mine had told me she thinks it’s because he sounds utterly ridiculous in German….not at all badass as we know him when he speaks English (“It’s not a toomah!”)

But hey, too each his own, right?

Anyway, I thought this would be a fun little factoid to ya’ll.

Bis Mittwoch!!!

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