The Party Where Errol Flynn Shot Tom Brady….

Before I get started on today’s post – I want to make a few very exciting announcements:

1. T and I have bought our tickets and will be heading to the US at the end of March! w00t! We will first be heading to Vegas and then LA before we make our to Indy but we are coming!

2. I received news over the weekend that one of my besties from Chicago is being sent to the parent company for some training.  This means that my darling Anna will be my first guinea pig….er…..I mean…..guest.

La Mari and Anna :-)
La Mari and Anna 🙂

Germany won’t know what to do with us 🙂

Anyway, so last weekend was part 2 of our Fasching extravaganza. My original goal for these parties was to go as a Jedi (pronounced Yehdee in German – hilarious, I know).  I have a lightsaber….but no robe….I had planned on ordering a robe through Amazong. But then I got lazy and it didn’t happen.

So I decided to get creative with my own clothes and go as Robin Hood.


I quickly realized that with this outift and my haircut……I was like a girly version of Errol Flynn’s famous Robin Hood:




Oh yeah….like twins no? I made sure to add the mustache.  Cause it’s all in the details, right?


I was thinking about having T go as Olivia deHaviland’s Maid Marion but I was pretty sure he would say no:


But he did go as (skinny) Elvis


hawt, no?

I learned very quickly that once the guys noticed my accessories and they were already drinking….some fun was had:

And by accessories, I meant my bow and arrow:


I swear it was like watching a Terry Pratchett novel come to life!!!

IMG_0518 IMG_0515

Fortunately, I got it back in time to slay a most fowl creature: a poor German who had the audacity to come dressed as Tom Brady


I was just so offended….


I just had to shoot him…..I mean…it’s Tom Brady….We people of Indiana are born with this firey hatred for not only the Patriots but for Tom Brady himself.

Also the whole Deflategate scandal did make us hate him just a little bit more…

All in all, it was another great weekend of dancing, drinking, and live bands.  It was a much smaller crowd – mostly catered to the people who had to work at the bigger event the weekend before. They definitely deserved it…..I just came for the drinks.

IMG_0559 IMG_0525 IMG_0509 IMG_0558 IMG_0549 IMG_0536

Happy Fasching….but not it’s Ash Wednesday and thus the beginning of Lent…what are you giving up?

Bis Freitag!

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