What Happens When Your Friend’s a Photographer

Happy Friday!

On Wednesday, I talked about our little trip to Luzern, Switzerland.  Today I will talk about our visit to nearby Meersburg where we got to look at some castles 🙂 Meersburg is only about 20 minutes away from us in Überlingen.  It’s also on Lake Constance. T first brought me here as part of my whirlwind of a birthday weekend.  In the summer, it’s very crowded but today we found the lack of tourists to be quite refreshing.

Where is Meersburg
My home is the green star 🙂

We took Anna through the old town and then we climbed the stairs to the two castles.

In German, there are two words for castles: Burg and Schloss.

A Burg is the equivalent to a medieval fortress:


A Schloss is more like a palace:


The Schloss is quite lovely and has a nice little café.  In the summer, you can sit outside as you drink and take in the gorgeous sight that is Lake Constance.

This time we decided to check out the Burg.  It’s a museum AND it also has a café! The fortress was believed to have been built around the 700s AD.  Even though Meersburg is not a bustling metropolis like Stuttgart or Munich but the castle could still boast 30 rooms.  It felt as if every corner we turned there was another room.  It was quite the delight.

I would tell you more, but I think it can be said better with pictures:

Afterwards we got quite hungry (well, I mostly got hungry cause I had spent most of my day snacking on from fancy cheese I bought in Switzerland the day before.  Totally worth it).


We decided that traditional German food was to be eaten so we yelped a good restaurant a few villages over.  I ate an amazing steak. Yeah, sorry.  I ate it before I could take a photo of it.

Footage Not Found

Anyway, I was really glad for the time I had with Anna.  She will definitely be coming back again and hopefully for more than just one weekend so we can show her (as well as my other planned guests for the year) all the cool things to do in my little pocket of the world.

I forgot to add from my last post that Anna is quite the photographer.  I decided to include her photos.  These are rough cuts of what we have at the moment.  I will do another post when I get the edited ones but for now here’s a sneak peak of my favorites 🙂

And now I will leave you with my personal favorite:

Schönes Wochende und bis Mittwoch!

2 thoughts on “What Happens When Your Friend’s a Photographer

  1. Meersburg looks like an adorable little city! Love the colourful houses on the streets and the walk way along the canal looks nice:) That chandelier is also quite e feature isn’t it? 🙂

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