Another World, Another Time, In an Age of Wonder…

So I am not going lie, people.  I totally stole the title from the tag line of one of my favorite 80s fantasy movies:


If you have not seen this movie…then leave this post right now and go watch it.

I’ll wait……

Anyway, this weekend I told T that I wanted to do a little hiking and take photos.  So T pulled his usual magic and found us a place: Marienschlucht. The word “Schlucht” means canyon.  This canyon sits just on the other side of Lake Constance from us. So we drove and began our trek:


It was a sweet trail that eventually led to the canyon; but first we saw this off in the distance:


We saw this structure in the distance.  I love Europe because there are all these random structures everywhere as if you are some long forgotten world. What could it be? So we got a little closer.

DSC01715 DSC01718

There was no way to get closer so we decided to take the path to the canyon. But we did find out later what it was called: Ruine Kargegg


I am not entirely sure of the structure’s purpose except looking awesome and making you feel like you are walking through a German Middle Earth.

So we continued on the path:


T was unknowingly my model in a lot of these shots.  Look at him!! LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!! HAWT!!!!

Holy crap it was gorgeous.  It felt as if we had left modern civilization and entered this magical realm. Of course once we got to the end and to the lake, we could hear the distant roar of motorcycles from the other side.  It was an amusing reminder that we were not really far from home but sometimes you need to get away. Even your backyard can be magical and liberating to your imagination. Go explore!

DSC01789 DSC01799 DSC01815 DSC01817

I can’t wait for it to get warmer because I must explore more!!!!


Bis Freitag!


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