How to Photograph Your Pet

So I have been getting questions about Abner’s modeling skills. The big one being: how do I get him to sit still?


Before I just got really lucky.  I would literally sit there and say Abner’s name over and over again until he looked at me.  It worked ok, but obviously Abner didn’t care about what I was doing.

But then I learned the trick:



Abner. Loves. Food.  I mean, of course he does – he’s a pug.  But I decided to use his gluttony to my advantage.  Now on my trips, I take a little bag of treats and hold one above the camera to get his attention.

Sometimes he looks straight at the camera:


Other times, he looks straight up:


Either way, he sits still long enough for me to get my closeups.  It takes a lot of patience to take photos of animals (or children) but the results are so much fun!

The next time you are out with your four-legged buddy, take a bag of treats and see what comes of it.

Tune in Wednesday where T and I will be in Vegas!!!!

Bis Mittwoch!


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