The Big Tease…. Part 1

Hello my dear readers,

Sorry to disappoint but there won’t be blog posts for the week.  Between jet-lagging and trying to git in everything there is to see in Vegas (and upcoming LA), I feel that I won’t be able to give you the quality post that I want to give.  So while I am in Indy next week, I will definitely have more time.


That being said, I still want to give you a little something, something.  So I will post a photo as a tease to entice you to join me next week in my posts about Vegas and LA 🙂

So for today:


This was the entrance to the MGM Grand’s show of Cirque du Soleil’s Ka.  It was a gorgeous show that I highly recommend.  It is my third Cirque show and so far my favorite 🙂

More on that next week.  Tune in Friday where I reveal another tease…..

Bis Freitag!!!

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