Circus of the Sun…

Hey guys! Sorry the epic lack of postage last week.  Now that we are starting plans for the wedding, craziness at work, still working on that German driver’s license (more on THAT odyssey later), and just life in general – I have just had enough time to eat and sleep at night.  T has been a huge help but obviouslz he can’t write my posts for me.

So I have made the decision that I will be going down to once a week on posts.  I know, I know, I can hear the cries now! But things are going to get crazy for us and while we will have plenty of adventures, it’ll be hard trying to balance it all and still get the stories out.

I have chosen Wednesdays to be my post days cause it would be a fun way to break up the week, right?

So now that the big news is out of the way, let’s tackle our trip! One of the most exciting things I got to do while in Vegas was introduce T to Cirque du Soleil.


I have been a HUGE fan of the French Canadian Circus since I was sixteen. That summer my parents and I went to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a week in the sun. In the evenings on TV, the channel Bravo would marathon old shows as well as a behind the scenes look of their upcoming one: Varekai.


To this day, my dream is to see Varekai live. But it hasn’t stopped me from seeing other shows. Back in Indy, I had seen Saltimbanco and Alegria and both were spectacular. But I am still aiming for Varekai.


Up until the most recent Cirque show that I saw in Vegas, Varekai was the only show that I knew the plot.

Wait – What?

Let me explain. For those who have seen a Cirque show, you know that the speaking/singing roles are mainly in some made up alien language….or in French. And if there is a plot, you really don’t know what it is or what the hell is happening – you’re just along for the ride.

This video is a mix of the Cirque movie “Worlds Away” with part of Ka (which is the show we saw)

You are really there because Cirque is a completely artistic experience. The music, the performances, the costumes are all made specifically for each show. If you ever get a chance to see a Cirque show – do it. You won’t regret it.

How many Cirque shows are there in Vegas?

Cirque Vegas 1 Cirque Vegas 2

A lot. We originally wanted to see the Michael Jackson show because we are huge fans of the late King of Pop but it would have cost us around $500 for the two of us…so….er….no.

The one that interested me the most (that was also available for our limited time in Vegas) was Kà. I watched as many of the videos as I could of all the available shows and I chose this one. This was also exciting because T has never even heard of Cirque nonetheless see a show. I knew he would have fun. Sure it’s a little weird at first, but the performances are definitely unforgettable.

The entrance at the MGM Grand
The entrance at the MGM Grand
The villain playing a huge harp just outside the bar (where you can buy drinks before the show)
The villain playing a huge harp just outside the bar (where you can buy drinks before the show)
I snuck a photo of the show at the end....
I snuck a photo of the show at the end….
aaaaaaand another one
aaaaaaand another one
The set extended out to the audience >/D
The set extended out to the audience >/D
Too friggin' cool!
Too friggin’ cool!

Now I know what you must all be wondering – what is the plot?? Well, first I was impressed that they actually gave a short prologue – IN ENGLISH as the two protagonists entered the stage. The story is of twins (a brother and a sister) who are separated in a tragedy and must journey to not only defeat the evil that attacked them but it was also a journey of self-discovery.

There’s also a gay Tarzan.

I wish I was kidding! One of the characters (and potential love interest) was a Tarzan-like character…..except he wore a thong and was covered in glitter. I love Cirque but that was the only thing about the show that took me out of the fantasy……and took me into another fantasy. Fortunately I only had to put up with his gitter-clad behind for one number. Then he wasn’t so glitter-fied for the rest of the show.

Kà truly is a fantastic show and is definitely the favorite of the ones I have seen. T also really enjoyed it and we agree that it was a fun experience. What about you out there? What Cirque shows have you seen? The next I am hoping to see is ‘O.’

But that’ll be another trip to Vegas 😀

Bis Nachste Woche! Until Next Week!

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