Hey! Something in German! Let’s Look!

The things you can discover about Germany while in Vegas. While we were checking out the Venetian –

DSC02002 DSC02003 DSC02004 DSC02006

Side note: T and I went to Venice in 2013 so we merely chuckled when we compared the hotel to the real thing. Everything looked much newer than in the real Venice (obviously) and there wasn’t the smell of fish and shit – so big win for Vegas Venice.

From the real Venice
From the real Venice

But don’t get me wrong, go visit Venice. I definitely want to go back 😀 Just don’t go in summer.

Anyway, as soon as we entered the Venetian, we found ourselves in a large mall. Within moments, I felt T tug my hand saying, “Hey, look, something in German. Let’s go see what it is,” and it wasn’t until we were right in front of it that I had any idea what he was talking about


Vom Fass was a liquor store. We went inside and met a very lovely lady whose name escapes me at the moment. She told us that Vom Fass did originate in Germany (thus the German name) as a way of pooling together some of the best alcohol from all over the world. The creator traveled everywhere to find what he thought was the best of the best and importing them into Germany as a one stop shop.


There are three sections that was pointed out to us at the shop:

1. The specialty liquors like Rose liquor, Pear, Lemoncello, Absinthe, Lavender, etc

2. Your wines and traditional liquors like rum, whiskey, bourbon

3. Vinegars and oils for cooking

Did I mention that there are free tastings of the alcohol?? You can imagine that I was like a kid in a candy store…..well….in an alcohol store.


The bottles were so cool and the liquor was soooooo good. We wanted to buy something since we were going to California next but we had brought enough alcohol to begin with (several bottles of Schnapps and German beers as gifts). We were really sad because we didn’t want to go overweight with our luggage but we really wanted to bring something with us.

Then we remembered – hey it’s a German shop, surely we can do a weekend trip to wherever it is and buy a car’s worth! Later when we had access to Internet, we discovered that the main shop is located just twenty minutes from where I work!!!

Then I further found whilst back in Germany that there’s a shop right in Ravensburg!

vom fass RV

Huzzah! I can’t wait to try some more (and make T do the driving). I know what gifts I will be bringing as gifts to the States next time!

Bis naechste Woche!

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