The German Doctor Version of Howard Wolowitz

T and I are huge HUGE fans of The Big Bang Theory.



For those of you living under a rock for the past several years – this is the premise: it’s about a group of nerds.  That’s really all I can say about the show.  It’s about them as they try to function in the real world.  T and i both enjoy it because we enjoy the nerd reference sprinkled throughout each episode.

Also because of Dr. Sheldon Cooper:


One of the other characters who receives the brunt of Cooper’s disdain is the only one of the four original guys who does NOT have a PhD:

Howard Wolowitz


I know you are wondering where the hell I am going with this…. Well, Howard works as an engineer for JPL or Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  It is faction from the California Institute of Technology that works with NASA in building their spaceships, satellites, Mars rovers, etc.


Well, guess what? T’s friend that we stayed with in Los Angeles actually works for JPL.  I wanted to think of him as a German Doctor version of our beloved Wolowitz (since Hannes does have a PhD).

Hannes invited us to go 😀 So we got a personal tour of the facility.


It was soooooooooooooo awesome.  I didn’t take photos cause I wasn’t sure if it was allowed.  So I made sure to get these photos from their website.  But we were really impressed with how open they were.  We were allowed in the control room and watched as data came from all over our galaxy and further.

But when you think about – JPL has to be that open.  I mean, don’t get me wrong – there are security checks and all and you can’t waltz in on the street.  But once you are allowed in, you get to see such marvelous things.


Well, think about it – our space exploration and the future of it is paid entirely by our tax dollars.  If you want more research in Space – the Final Frontier then you have to make sure your government representative knows this and votes to keep the cash flowing.  So make sure you let them know!!!!!!

Anyway, it was such a cool experience and with my current obsession with the movie Interstellar – it made my little nerd heart go squee 😀

Until next week, Lieblings!

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