Where You Can Find a Crystal Palace in Southern Indiana

So after our trip to Los Angeles, T and I went to good ol’ Indiana to visit my family and to bask in some good ol’ Hoosier sunshine 😀

Taking T back to Indiana usually means that I have to find stuff for us to do besides sitting on the porch drinking lemonade. Though we have done our fair share of that, too.

Before, we have taken a hike through Hoosier National Forest and Eagle Creek State Park.  There is still a lot to be discovered about the Hoosier State but one thing I always wanted to visit was the caves of southern Indiana.

Marengo Caves to be exact.

This landmark is located in Marengo, Indiana about an hour away from the Kentucky border. It was discovered in 1883 by 15-year-old Blanche Hiestand along with her 11-year-old brother Orris.  Armed with just a lit candle each, the two went down into a newly discovered sinkhole and discovered what is now a National Landmark.

DSC02202 DSC02205

There are two tours in the caves: the Drip Stone Tour and the Crystal Palace.  Naturally we did both.

It was so magical! My favorite, of course was the Crystal Palace:


Amazing, no?

If you ever find yourself in southern Indiana, you MUST MUST MUST go see it! You can even see the original entrance!


Anyway, had to share something beautiful from my home state!

Bis naechste Woche!


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