In the Time of the Butterflies

Ok so I totally took that title from a novel I read in college with the same name.  But while I am not writing about the Mirabal sisters, I am writing about butterflies.

While we were at Insel Mainau – one of the big highlights of the park is the Butterfly House.


The line was quite long but it moved rather quickly.  I had secretly hoped that we could take Abner with us – who wouldn’t want a photo shoot of pugs and butterflies? But alas, he had to stay outside with T’s mom.

DSC02597 DSC02604 DSC02605 DSC02608 DSC02614 DSC02615 DSC02617

To say that these butterflies were everywhere was a bit of an understatement.  However, what we really enjoyed was that the butterflies also landed on people!

DSC02600 DSC02619 DSC02625 DSC02628

T’s nephews were obsessed with trying to get a butterfly to land on them.  As you can notice in the photo above, they would stick their fingers in the oranges or bananas left out for the little creatures.  If you have some of their food on your fingers then they will likely land to eat it.


Even I got one! Anyway, it’s simply another reason to visit the Flower Island.

Stay tuned – tomorrow we are heading to Spain for both my birthday as well as the wedding of one of my closest and oldest friends!

Bis naechste Woche!

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