Shopping Done Right – Milan Edition

First I have to apologize – my camera was on for God knows how long and was dead by the time we arrived in Milan, so all my photos were taken through my phone…

But, ah, Milan. A Mecca for high fashion and it’s a mere 5 hours from where I live. I had heard of buses doing day trips there but couldn’t find any info about them anywhere.

Of course, Nicola was a total wizard and found a company in minutes.  For a whopping 37 euros, you can take a bus from Lindau to Milan for the day (for a total of 9 hours) and back.

It required us to get up well before the ass crack of dawn.

But damnit, we were going to Milan!

We got on the bus just as the sun was rising over the horizon.  Shortly after arriving in a rest stop somewhere around Austria/Switzerland (where we ate the most expensive breakfast sandwiches ever) – Nicola whipped out a bottle of sparkling wine.  Because that’s what you do when you are shopping – drink some bubbly!

IMG_1127 IMG_1128

The drive did not feel long at all. We were too busy chatting about wedding plans, admiring the landscape, and getting a little shut eye.

arrested developement

Sorry, guys, no photos of that one.

Once there, the clock started ticking – nine hours to take in a city of fashion.

But we took our time –

We enjoyed the view and did a little window shopping until we made it to the Dom. All I can say is wow what a gorgeous view.
IMG_1146 IMG_1149 IMG_1159

Apparently next to the Galeria there’s another shopping mall with a bar on top.  We decided we needed a break from the harsh Italian sun and try a cocktail (or two).

IMG_1150 IMG_1152 IMG_1154

Milan was so beautiful……but sooooo expensive.  While we could fine decent deals on clothes – we couldn’t when it came to shoes.  Oh and how do we love shoes! It was rather disheartening going to a store that was more in our price range and not finding those beautiful works of art to go on our feet. Curse us and our conservative spending ways!!!

But we still enjoyed the view:


We also got inside to see the Scala Theater.  Unfortunately they were in lighting rehearsal so we couldn’t see it in all its splendor but I did sneak a few photos – cause I am a ninja like that:

But it was such a blast! Nicola is a great shopping partner in crime and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  It was even worth being on a bus full of tired and cranky women for another five hours at the end of it all!

Thanks, Nicola!


Bis nächste Woche!

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