Adventures of Abner Part 5

I realize that it has been a coon’s age since I wrote an Adventure of Abner post.  For the last few weeks, my parents have been visiting us.  It was their first trip to Germany since I have moved here (meaning they have been to Germany before).  We picked them up from Zürich and began a whirlwind trip through Italy and up through Austria.  Through it all – Abner has been the perfect model (final figuring out the game Mami plays with him: sit still for photo = get snackies).  I will talk a little more about these places (some more magical than others).  But in the meantime here are some of the photos of his most recent modeling shoot:


Abner and the Galeria


Abner and the Duomo of Milan


Lovely Verona


At the house of Juliette


A vineyard outside of Verona
A vineyard outside of Verona



Palazzo Ducale


Piazza San Marco



Lake Garda (still Italy)

the castle in Malcesine
the castle in Malcesine


Innsbruck (Austria)

the streets of the Old City
Kaiserliche Hofburg
Das Goldenes Dachl (the Golden Roof)

So as you can probably imagine, after four days of being an amazing model….he was quite pooped!

Bis naechste Woche!

between Abuelita and Grampa in the car ride back to Germany….


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