Traveling with Parents

This will be a photo heavy post.  Some of you may know that my parents came to Germany to visit last month.  It was not their first trip to Germany, but it was their first time since I have moved here.  I had been looking for this trip for the year and a half I was living here.  I wanted to show them EVERYTHING about my life here in Deutschland! Unfortunately they were here for only a few short weeks so we certainly made the most of it…..but it is only the beginning of what will be a wild and crazy adventure with my folks.

They made great traveling companions simply because they were happy to be with T and I.  It certainly helped that they are very open minded folks who were interested in seeing what life was like on this side of the world. Of course, Europe did not disappoint! (click on the photos to start the gallery)

Bis naechste Woche!

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