We Did It!

Well, I was planning on writing about what it’s like to plan a wedding in a new country but I decided that I should start with another very important detail…T and I are hitched!


For those of you who have not read my previous post concerning how one gets married in Germany – in order to get married in Germany, you have to perform the civil wedding first.  We simply picked the first available day that my parents could also come from the States.  We originally planned for August (but where we live is CRAZY popular for civil weddings because it’s just too gorgeous) so that was a  no go…..so was September.  That left us with October 9th.

We were super lucky because that day was beautiful and warm (compared to all the other days after that which were cold as balls).  Our ceremony took place in a small museum above the old city.

IMG_1459 (1)
Lovely Ueberlingen
Our Witnesses and the Newlyweds
Our Witnesses and the Newlyweds

IMG_1492 IMG_1494

We kept it small and simple because we have big plans for our friends and family for next year – we just wanted to get through the formality first.

I have been asked several times how do I feel to be officially a “frau.”

Honestly, I don’t feel any different.  Yes the name change takes some getting used to, but nothing else has changed.  My feelings are no different, I haven’t gained any super powers (unfortunately), there was no great swell of epic music like in the movies (fuck you, Hollywood).   But what the movies don’t tell you is that the day is filled with blinding happiness as well as the overwhelming feeling of contentment.  Everything about that day felt right.  I am very happy about those who were able to come; it was a great day.

Part 1 is done – now the count down has begun for Part 2.

Tune in next week where I talk about planning a a tricultural wedding….

Bis nachste Woche!


4 thoughts on “We Did It!

  1. Congratulations cholita,that german guy hit the lottery getting a girl like you,how lucky can he be?
    Remember that you have to compose your own music,don’t wait for Hollywood,they stink.You
    know that you are very special for the Molnars,we can also blackmail you with a few pictures,ha,ha.
    Keep well & good luck with all your preparations for the big day,do you have your dress? Love you,lots of hugs.
    The mother of your twin,kiss,kiss.

    1. Hi tia!! Thanks for the advice. I will make sure I don’t get blackmailed by you guys 😛

      And yes I have my dress 🙂 I am very excited about it. Besos!!!

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