My 5 Favorite Christmas Markets

If you read other blogs by English speakers living in Germany – then you have most likely been reading about German Christmas Markets.  If you have ever been to one, you would understand why we talk about it so much.  It’s such a magical time to live in Germany – I think we write so many posts about this time of the year because we are hoping that maybe our readers will be intrigued enough to come and see it for themselves.

I mean seriously! The roasted almonds! The Glühwein! Feuerzangebowle! Decadence! It is one of my favorite times of year here in Deutschland so I decided to write a quick count down of my favorite five Christmas Markets. Perhaps this post will entice certain family members (you know who you are) to come and experience this unique German experience!


5. Chicago’s Christkindlmarkt

Ok so I am totally cheating when I mention a Christmas market that’s NOT in Germany.  For those of you who can’t make it to Germany before Christmas – at least try to go to Chicago.  Almost all of the stores are actually brought from Germany and, until a few years ago, the Christkindl from Nuremberg would come to kick off the season (Chicago has their own now).  It’s a good introduction to the magical world of Germany Christmas Markets but there are aspects that aren’t the same (the roasted almonds weren’t warm enough….just sayin…..).

But the interesting contrast in being at the Chicago Christmas Market is seeing the Old World shops against the metropolitan backdrop of the Windy City.

4. Ravensburg

Of course I have to talk about the city where I work.  My co-workers and I go on the regular during this time.  In fact, my friends and I will be heading there after our Work Christmas dinner this Friday.  Good times.  I can’t wait to gossip over some Glühwein.

The majority of the market lies in Ravensburg’s main plaza (known as Marienplatz).  I find it very enchanting to see RV changed with the abundant stringing of christmas lights and the aroma of waffels, almonds, and wine wafting through the passageways.

3. Lindau – Bavaria

I will admit that I think that Lindau is one of the most beautiful.  I wish I had a chance to see it during the day since you can gain a gorgeous view of the Alps from the harbor.  But during the evening – it is a little piece of heaven.

Unfortunately almost everyone and their mother also found Lindau gorgeous.  It was very crowded.  VERY crowded.  We also had Abner with us and he was not a fan.

2. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

For my wedding guests (you know who you are), Rothenburg is the city where you will mostly be staying.  It is such a gorgeous city.  It literally looks like what an American would think all German cities look like.  Not all cities do, of course.  But this one does….

Unfortunately by next June, there won’t be a Christmas market (so mmmmmmmmmaybe you should also plan to visit in some future Christmas time? Yes? Please?) Anyway. It is still a gorgeous city that takes my breath away every time I go!

1. Überlingen

So I am cheating further.  Of course my home has the prettiest and the best! It’s not very large but it has the best aspect of Christmas Markets: Feuerzangebowle!


What is it? It is Glühwein with a rum soaked sugar loaf set on fire, allowing it to drip into the wine.  It’s amazing! It’s also very strong (which is why we love living only a ten minute walk away! No drivers necessary).

You know who is also a huge fan? Abner

Abner wanting to make friends with the other dog a crossed the room.
We have taken him several times.  And every time, he gets hit on by tons of pretty girls:


He is such a ham.

It isn’t a very big market – it’s actually VERY small but it is so quaint and lovely. Just sayin’

Enticed yet? You know you want to come. 😉

Bis naechste Woche!


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