My Brief Stint as a Disc Jockey

Happy New Years, everyone!

How was your new years? What did you do?


Well, T and I went to Brettheim where a friend of ours was hosting a shindig.  There was a ton of food and drinks and barbecue and great friends and great fun and it was cold.  Also, no photos….sorry….it was dark and I needed my hands for the food and the booze.  haha.  But seriously…

This is from last year :-D
This is from last year 😀

After midnight, and fireworks, and hugs with almost the entire village – there was more drinking.  There was also a lot of singing to ABBA and Bee Gees.  It was quite a nice way to start the New Year.  That is until one of the ladies from our group – Ruth – mentioned that she wanted to dance.  I made the off hand remark that I had some danceable music on my iPhone.  So I plugged in my phone with the intent of playing a few songs…

About 4 hours later – I am still playing and what started out as Ruth and I dancing had turned into a dance club.  Of Awesome! T – who is the official DJ of the village – told me he was impressed.  I know I have a pretty weird taste in music, but I was super pleased with myself.

I have a playlist completely devoted to movie soundtracks (favorite jam at the moment is The Scavenger by John Williams)

I also have a playlist of 70s Glam Rock (ok so it’s mainly David Bowie and the soundtrack to the movie Velvet Goldmine)

I also have a list of songs I would like to play at our wedding…..

You can probably guess what list I played from.

It made me feel really good that everyone responded so well.  It reminded me of my days as the DJ for all of our college parties.  I know I have weird taste in music at times but I do know how to get people to dance.

Of course, I couldn’t play EVERYTHING from that list because while the majority of it consists of songs that should cater to Latins, Americans, and Germans…..there were quite a few songs that were more for the latin crowd.  Which is ironic because I did get a drunken complaint about playing too much latin music (oh my sweet summer child – just wait until my cousin’s girlfriend requests Grupo Cinco’s Culebritica as she did at Beto and Cassie’s Wedding – only then will they know I was holding back with the latin music)

Of course by the end of the night I was dead sober in a room full of very inebriated friends.  I eventually couldn’t keep up with their demands for songs I didn’t have (I did just have my iPhone after all) aaaaaaand thus my patience was also wearing thin.

And thus was my short and thrilling career as a DJ.  Though of course, I came home and found Abner like this – so I guess that was a hint to me in saying that my career is NOT over 😛


Over all, it was a great start to the new year! It makes me that much more excited for our wedding where we are all gonna tear the hell out of that dance floor!!!

Can’t wait to see what else 2016 has in store for me!!!!

Bis naechste Woche!!!!

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