We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Blog Post

Hey Readers,

So sorry about last week! I had a whole post planned to pay tribute to my love of all things David Bowie (it still hurts to think that the Goblin King is no longer with us).  But obviously it was never posted.  We are now in the final months before the wedding and there is a lot to do!

I will apologize ahead of time if I miss a post (or two).  Between organizing a bi-cultural wedding, organizing trips for family members, oh yeah – having a full time job……oy vey! My head is spinning just thinking about it!

So what have I been up to? Well, this weekend was rather busy – We met with our Pastor (the gentleman who will be performing the wedding ceremony) and I had 4 (yes 4!) Skype dates! CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY?!  And 3 out of the 4 were wedding related. Just sayin’

So concerning the Pastor – we are getting married in an Evangelisch Church (also known as Lutheran to ye Americans).  Incidentally this is also the church where T’s parents were married as well as his sister.  I am a sucker for family history so I was delighted to help carry on the tradition 😀 Even though I am Catholic.

Besides the nostalgia of marrying in such a lovely place, we are also marrying in the Evangelisch Church because I am Catholic and T is not.  What does that mean? In order to marry in a Catholic church – both have to be Catholic, or one has to convert, or go through a very lengthy ordeal which consists of them prying into every aspect of your personal life – oh and if you have been divorced….forgetaboutit.  I know this because my parents tried to get married in a Catholic Church (Mom is, of course, Peruvian Catholic, and Dad is…..well….not…..and also twice divorced – so you can only imagine what kind of questions they would have asked).

I love being Catholic, I am very proud of it.  I would have loved to get married in the Catholic Church but as I said before, T is not and I am also pragmatic: a house of God is a house of God – regardless of the religious nomenclature that precedes it.  I have been in a few Evangelisch services and I have found an abundance of similarities with an American Catholic Mass.  And besides those few differences (no kneeling, no Eucharist, no mentions of the Virgin Mary), they really are very similar.  And it doesn’t bother me that I am the only person in the church doing the sign of the cross during service. No one else around me seems to care either.  It’s amazing to think that a few hundred years ago these small differences were enough to cause epic wars between nations.  But now? Meh.

Anyway, after meeting the Pastor – I quickly realized how much more homework we have to do in preparation for the Big Day.  But it will be totally worth it!

Until then here’s a cute photo of Abner

Bis Nächste Woche!

Abner out shopping in Friedrichshafen with his Mami
Abner out shopping in Friedrichshafen with his Mami

2 thoughts on “We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Blog Post

  1. Over 20 year ago, we haven’t any problems to marry in a catholic church in Franconia (protestant area). My wife is catholic and I was Lutheran. Absolutely no “ordeal”, especially when the priest heard that our children will be catholic.

    1. I feel like the religious institutions in Germany are a lot less strict than the ones in the States. But as it goes, I have no church here in Germany nor do I pay taxes to the Catholic church so it was still a no go anyway.

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