German Wedding Vocabulary

Hey readers!

I thought that today we would have some fun. I know a lot of my guests for the upcoming wedding read this blog and I thought it would be useful and learn some German Wedding Vocabulary!

Going through this process has also been super helpful for me because I have learned a lot of new words over the past several months.  So I thought I would share the wealth!

So here goes!



Wedding – die Hochzeit

Marriage – die Ehe

Married Couple – die Ehepaar

Wedding Rings – die Eheringe

Bridal Party:

Bride – die Braut

Groom – der Bräutigam

Best Man – der Trauzeuge

Maid of Honor – die Trauzeugin

Bridesmaids – die Brautjungfer

Groomsmen – die

Ringbearer – der

Flower Girl – das Blumenmädchen

Mother of the Bride – die Mutter der Braut

Father of the Bride – der Vater der Braut

Mother of the Groom – die Mutter des Bräutigams

Father of the Groom – der Vater des Bräutigams

Sister of the Bride – die Schwester der Braut

Brother of the Bride – der Bruder der Braut

Niece of the Bride – die Nichte der Braut

Nephew of the Bride – der Neffe der Braut

Sister of the Groom – die Schwester des Bräutigams

Brother of the Groom – der Bruder des Bräutigams

Niece of the Groom – die Nichte des Bräutigams

Nephew of the Bride – der Neffe des Bräutigams

I think you may see the pattern here….so here are other family members:

Aunt -die Tante

Uncle – der Onkel

Cousin (Masculine) – der Cousin

Cousin (Feminine) – die Cousine

Friend (Masculine) – der Freund

Friend (Feminine) – die Freundin



Civil Wedding – der Standesamt

Church – die Kirche

Church Ceremony – die Trauung

Wedding Suit – der Hochzeitsanzug

Boutonniere – das Anstecksträußchen

Wedding Dress – das Brautkleid

Veil – der Schleier

Bouquet – der Brautstrauß

Priest – der Priester

Pastor – der Pfarrer

Ringpillow – das Ringkissen

Flowers – die Blumen


Champagne Reception – der Sekt Empfang

Wedding Reception – Die Feier

Wedding Cake – die Hochzeitstorte

Cake – der Kuchen

Garter – das Strumpfband

To Dance – Tanzen

First Dance – der erster Tanz

Music – der Musik

Beer – das Bier

Wine – der Wein

Alcohol  – der Alkohol

Food – das Essen

Drinking Songs – die Trinklieder

Traditional Wedding Soup – Hochzeitssuppe

A definite do: pug with a bow tie!
A definite do: pug with a bow tie!

Phew! This is just a taste of what’s to come.  How about it Americans? Did you find this wedding list helpful?

Bis nächste Woche!

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