Easter Egg Hunting in Deutschland

The states confines Easter Weekend as merely a 2 day event.  Here in Germany – it’s four! Yes, Good Friday is a holiday as well as Easter Monday (which if you count the three days after Christ’s death – is when he is supposed to have risen….not Sunday……but whatever).

In all honesty, we did nothing for most of the weekend besides hang out with family (we didn’t dance on Good Friday, we promise! – And yes, dancing is forbidden in Germany on Good Friday….just sayin’).

But Easter Monday, we did attend service and the family came for their first ever Easter Egg Hunt!



You see, the Easter Egg Hunt is not common in Germany – or at least not the area where I live in.  T wanted to introduce his nephews to this “American Tradition.”  But there was a slight problem…..where to the find the egg where we can fill stuff with? Mom is bringing us some for our future egg hunts but for this year we had to improvise.  We found some cheap plastic eggs and T cut some slits into them so that they could be filled with coins.  (Unfortunately T also cut a nice slit in his hand as well….but no money was stuffed into the wound, thank goodness) But thanks to Milka and Kinder – we had no problem finding chocolate eggs…


The end result was quite the success.  The boys went wild in the backyard trying to find the eggs…..especially when they discovered that there was money inside.  At the end of the hunt, the boys were brought into the kitchen where they discovered what was in the eggs and then divided them equally (There are three nephews this year since the twins are only about 15 months.  So we tried to divide the money equally: three 3 eggs with 5 euros, three with 2 euros, etc).  Though things got a little complicated when the youngest wanted to hoard all the chocolate eggs.  Don’t worry, it worked out! The oldest ended up having more money so everyone was happy.

Anyway, I haven’t attended an easter egg hunt in years.  It was fun to watch the kids try to find the spots (and to watch Abner chase them not understanding what was going on).  I am excited to see what we will end up doing next year 😀

Also, I must add that I introduced the family to Pigs in a Blanket……it would be an understatement to say that it was a hit!

uhhhh.....soooooo delicious!!!
uhhhh…..soooooo delicious!!!

What did you do over Easter Weekend? No dancing I hope…. 😉

Bis nächste Woche!

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