My Wedding Helpers

Day 4 Itinerary


So Rothenburg did not happen.  Why? To be honest, I was hung over.  What the hell happened, you ask? Simple.  After our day in the Disney Castle, we drove back and got gussied up for my Bachelorette Party.  Needless to say, my Maid of Honor did not disappoint.

There are photos but we all made a pact that they only stay between us.  What happens in Stuttgart stays in Stuttgart.

Ok, well, you know that we partied in Stuttgart.

I did not anticipate the level of hangover-ness.  I am usually quite good at getting myself where I need to be drinking-wise and manage to keep myself very hydrated so the next day I wake up with minimal hang-over.  This usually requires me to stick to one (or maybe 2) drinks for the night.  This is what I did.

Except that my drink of choice was champagne.


It was about noon, that I finally reached the point I like to call “functioning hangover.” I was quite hungover the entire day but at noon, I no longer had the spins and I could at least take a shower.  I was not the only one out of commission and the rest of the family was totally fine with taking it easy before we had to eventually pack up and make you way to the castle.

We finally left around 3ish.  T stayed behind with his mother to help out with the church while I was going on ahead with the intent of finishing up with the castle.  We got the castle and let everyone loose.

This was the day that the rest of the Americans also arrived so my parents took the time to greet the guests and essentially entertain them.  This included my dad claiming a table and sat there for the duration of the evening while the different groups of Americans came and went to have dinner.  He was literally the King of the Castle!

I did also manage my first meal of the day (because the food is soooooooooooooooooo damned good, I would have still eaten regardless of how crappy I felt). Then it was time to finalize the dining area for the wedding.

My florist had come by while I was eating (she had already finished decorating the church), and with Nicola’s help they were able to place the table runners and (gorgeous) flower centerpieces.

When it was our turn to work on the dining room, I did not lack in helpers.  My nieces, sisters, and friends were ready to go.  Fortunately, I had planned ahead and had everything organized by table.  I delegated the tasks and sent them on their way.  Each table required: Table name, Table info (each table was named after a Knight from Literature or History and I supplied some some tidbits), Escort cards, and small gift boxes.

We pretty much had everything done within a half hour – tops.  It was awesome.

By the end, I was beyond exhausted.  I had been running on fumes for the passed week and there was still the wedding the next day. After catching up with a few more people, I finally got to lay my weary head and get ready for the BIG DAY!!!!!!!

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