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I wanted to have our wedding in a castle ever since we went to the ruins in Wertheim back in 2014.   I had noticed there was a restaurant there and I off-handedly said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to see a wedding here.”  I don’t remember the conversation very well, but I do remember T being on board with the idea of doing a wedding in a castle.

Then the gears started turning….


A few months later, I had that idea cemented in my mind when I attended the wedding of one of T’s and my closest friends: Nicola and Marcel .  They also did their wedding at some castle ruins in the village of Pappenheim. Their wedding (as well as the wedding of our other good friends Hagg and Sanne) became the Litmus test of what I should expect in a German wedding.

Fast forward over a year later, T and I are already engaged and in the midst of venue hunting.  Picking the church was easy – we wanted the little one from his village because 1) his parents were married there,  2) his sister got married there, and 3) his father is buried in the cemetery there.   I didn’t belong to a church in Germany so I didn’t have a preference but I am a sucker for nostalgia and family history so I didn’t have a problem getting married in a Protestant church.

That left us with the castle……I really wanted the reception in the castle but the location did boast much.  But Colmberg was recommended to us.  We decided to take a look (and try the food since it was also a restaurant).

We were super impressed.

The place is gorgeous and the food is divine.  I knew that I wanted this castle.

Colmberg hosts weddings literally every week (sometimes two!). To say they are a well-oiled machine in terms of weddings is an understatement.  They certainly know what they are doing – and they do it well.

We worked directly with the castle owners (the Unbehauen family), mainly with the Mrs., and she was very professional and kind.  One thing I loved about having our wedding here was that they took care of almost everything.  They had the tables set with their own cutlery (we just had to finalize the table names, escort cards, flowers, and runners), they organized the champagne reception (outside if the weather is good and in their “Winter Garden” if the weather turned bad), snacks, cakes, evening snacks, dinner, cocktails……EVERYTHING!   We only had to meet with them to work out the details but they took care of the rest and made it stress free. Just what a bride wants to hear!

Because we had over 75 guests, the Knights’ Hall was free – but the caveat was that we had to book all 26 rooms in the castle (did I mention that it’s also a hotel?).  This did not worry me in the slightest because between our Germans, Americans, and Peruvians (and the fact that the hotel sat about 15 minutes from the next city) we knew that we would be able to book the rooms.  They went like hotcakes five months before the wedding.

PIX_0030 PIX_0034

Photo courtesy of TobiPix

When the day arrived, the Unbehauen family was there with sparkling wine to greet and congratulate T and I personally.  I really appreciated this personal touch.

Technically our contract said that we had to end the party by around 3 but since we had the entire castle booked – they worked with us until we kicked out our last guests at around 5. But for the entire duration of the reception they were amazing and gave it their all.  I heard numerous times from several guests, how impressed they were with the service (as well as how much they loved the food).  It was the level one would expect from a hotel/restaurant of that caliber.

I was very pleased with how everything turned out and I highly recommend Colmberg for any big event (not just weddings).  We plan on going their for a future anniversary so we can actually enjoy the honeymoon suite (it was almost impossible during the wedding because…..well, the wedding).  We can’t wait.

If you find yourself near Ansbach or Rothenburg ob der Tauber – I highly recommend you go to Castle Colmberg.  Whether it’s for an overnight stay or for a meal, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. For more information, here is their website:

In German HERE

In English HERE

Here are some more photos of the day taken by our awesome Photographer Tobias Vogt

One thought on “Castle Colmberg

  1. Lovely!! A stress-free wedding because most of the details are taken care of by the castle family and staff….sounds perfect. And of course the photos are amazing. I am so glad everything went so well for you both! M and I got married at a castle too (in Scotland). It was stress-free for us as well – because we didn’t invite anyone! 🙂

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