Abner and Reggae

So about a month ago, T and I went to a Reggae festival near the Bavarian city of Augsburg.  T is a HUGE fan of Reggae.  A German who is into Reggae – I know there’s a joke in there somewhere.  But in all seriousness, T had not been to a festival in a good while and wanted to share this experience with me.

Let me just say that when T and I first started dating – I really didn’t like Reggae.  I didn’t hate it.  I just didn’t care for it.  But since living with T, I have found to appreciate it a little more.  It’s still not the music I would immediately go for nor is it my favorite, but I like it well enough to not force T to change the music.

We got to the festival (in the town called Wulf – or Wolf) where some of T’s other friends from his home town had met us.  They brought the VW bus that T and his brother shared (because we were planning on camping in it while the dudes brought a mobile trailer).


And yes, when I said dudes – it was a sausage fest.  It was all dudes (including Abner) and me – the only girl.  Fortunately the dudes are also my friends so it was still fun.

We didn’t do much that Friday night except a little drinking and eating.  T, Abner, and I slept in the bus (which was totally awesome, by the way – the seats flatten out to make a large double bed.  Add a foam mattress, pillows, and sleeping bags and it makes for quite the comfortable sleeping arrangements) and the next day was mostly hanging out, more napping, reading, snacking, until 5pm when the festival would start.

T and I decided to get there a little earlier and we took Abner with us.

For my birthday this year, T bought me a GoPro Hero in hopes of us making more videos for the blog.  I am planning on most of these videos to revolve around Abner.  I even managed to make a temporary set up so we can start with maing movies with ABNERVISION! (Trademark)


So without further ado – here’s a new Abner Music video!

Bis nächste Woche!

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