Practicing for the Big Hike

So about a month ago, a work friend of T’s (whose girlfriend is not only also a friend of mine – but also half Peruvian….you may remember me mentioning them in my Navigating Grammar post) had given us, as a wedding gift, a Alpine hike.  It was 11km and we were guaranteed to see 5 glacier lakes.  It was amazing!

By the way, Abner was also invited.

So in order to train – T, Abner, and I did a few smaller hikes the week before around our home in Ueberlingen.  Since it was also going to be a big trip, I also wanted to practice more with my GoPro and getting great shots of the trip.  So here’s a video of one of our practice hikes.

Next week, I will tell you ALL about the wonderful hike!

Bis naechste Woche!

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