Cooking Class in Horb

So, through my blog, I have had the pleasure of being able to meet other American expats who are also currently residing in Germany.  One of them has since become a dear friend of mind – you can find her on her own delightful blog Ami in Schwabenland. T and I have gone on a hike with them a while back to Hohentwiel, but I didn’t write about it (looking back, not entirely sure why).  Regardless, Ami and I have been keeping in touch mainly by email (since we live about an hour and a half from each other which prevents us from meeting more regularly) but of course we wanted an opportunity to meet up again.

Ami lives in a little town not too far from Stuttgart called Horb am Neckar. She lives there with her husband M.  You should check out her blog – you will not be disappointed 😀

Anyway, Ami’s favorite restaurant is Straub’s Krone which also happens to offer cooking classes. Ami asked if T and I wanted to partake and in early November, we drove to Horb to join them!

Each cooking course has a theme and ours was “Christmas – without Stress!” (Weihnachten ohne Stress!).  Ami had also actually inquired about whether or not we could bring Abner. Turns out that the restaurant has their own little pug mascot named Lilli.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of her, but she was not only stinking cute but literally 1/8 Abner’s size (ok, slight exaggeration).  She took a sniff at Abner and decided to scurry off.  We didn’t see neither hide nor hair of her since.  Oh well.

We had also asked if Abner was also allowed to roam. The restaurant’s owner, Martin (Strobe), told us it was ok, as long as Abner didn’t go into the kitchen (for obvious reasons).  Abner learned quickly that he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen, but being the pug that he is – he kept trying to see how far he could get away with getting in.  After a few failed attempts, we put him back on his leash.


By the way, that’s my scarf on the floor.  I put it there so he could lay on it.  Which he did, until he decided that he needed attention and would then proceed to whine.

I'm such a sucker.
I’m such a sucker.

Don’t worry, I always washed my hands before going back into the kitchen.  Anyway, there were 7 of us in a rather tiny kitchen, but Martin is a pro and managed to delegate the work well enough so that we were rather in each other’s way.

So what did we eat? Well….

Praline von geräuchertem Heilbutt mit Kartoffel Trüffel Füllung auf Apfel Radisle Salat

Smoked Halibut Praline with Potato/Truffel Filling on an Apple-Radish Salad

My job was to fill the Halibut :-D
My job was to fill the Halibut 😀

Asiatischer Perhuhnsud mit gebackenem Perhuhnbällchen Enoki-Pilzen und Lotuswurzeln

Asian Guinea Fowl Soup with baked (technically fried) Guinea Fowl Balls, Enoki Mushrooms, and Lotus Root

There was a lot of cilantro to this….mmmmmm….cilantro…..

Zweierlei vom Rind geschmorte Rinderbacken mit Portwein und Pastinakenpüree Rinderfilet „Robespieer“ mit Kartoffel Rosmarin Rösti

Brased Beef Cheek with Port Wine and Parsnip Puree, “Robespieer” Filet with Potato-Rosemary Rösti

I. Love. Rösti.
I. Love. Rösti.

Passionsfrucht und Schokolade (Schokoladen – Fudge und Sable und Passionsfrucht – Granité und Gelee)

Passionfruit and Chocolate (Chocolate – Fudge and Sable and Passionfruit – Ground and Jelly)

suuuuuuuper rich
suuuuuuuper rich

It was so much food to eat over the course of the day (it started around 10am and ended somewhere after 4pm). But it was awesome! I would love to do this again.  T and I both learned some cool ideas (especially with the Halibut).

Afterwards, we went to Ami and M’s home and simply hung out over some wine and coke (since T had to drive us home). As much as I enjoy living in Germany, it is really nice to hang out with an American (especially a fellow Midwesterner).  Of course the time flew by waaaaaaay to quickly, but I am sure that once the holidays are over, we will definitely plan another meet up.

If any of you are interested in trying out a cooking class (or simply to try the restaurant itself)

Straub’s Krone
Lindenbrunnenstraße 2,
72160 Horb am Neckar

In the meantime, here are more photos from the day 😀

Bis nächste Woche!

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