Narri! Narro!

So now begins the Carnaval season.  You may remember from an earlier post from last year about the history of Carnaval in Germany – if not, then click this link.

A few weekends ago,we had some friends from T’s hometown come and visit us. The gentleman is an old coworker of T’s while the lady is a friend of mine (they’re married, by the way).  We had invited them to come as part of a “Wellness Weekend,” which included shopping in Konstanz, hanging out at the Bodensee Therme, and a parade.

A parade?

Remember, this is the beginning of the season and parades come with the territory.  The one we went to was in a village called Deisendorf.


As you can see, it’s literally a one-horse-town.  We had assumed that the parade would be rather small given the size of the village, but to our delight, we were wrong.

The parade was huge and gathered clubs from all over the area including the local Guggebands from Überlingen. They had groups with their traditional costumes that outshone our own costumes. It was simply awesome.

Throughout the parade, we kept hearing the people yell something.  It sounded a lot like merry or mary or marie? Not sure, but afterwards, T and I looked it up and it turned out to be a Narrenruf or a sort of festival call.  Each region in Germany  has a different one and in this Swaebisch/Schwarzwald region they yell, “Narri!” to which the townspeople would reply, “Narro!”

Cool, no?

But honestly, don’t take my word for it: check out the plethora of photos I took.

Bis nächste Woche!

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