Nerds Anonymous

Hello, my name is La Mari….and I am a nerd.

I am sure you have figured this out a good while ago…..for those of you just tuning in – surprise!

Last weekend, T and I went to our yearly Brettheimer Fasching (we will also be going again this coming weekend to stay tuned!).  T looks to me in what our couples costumes are going to be and this year I decided that we would go as characters from Doctor Who:


So in case you have no idea, I was dressed as the Tardis (which stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space – The Doctor’s space ship, which comes in the form of a 1960s Police Box because it’s cameleon drive broke down at some point.)

I was a much cuter version.

T dressed as the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith.  Since the show’s inception in 1963, there have been 12 actors playing the titular character of The Doctor (technically 13 if you count the late John Hurt’s War Doctor from the 50th anniversary episode – yeah…..the show is really that old). The Doctor is an alien known as a Time Lord who is able to regenerate when his body dies and thus becomes a new character (i.e. actor). Each version of the Doctor is unique and usually comes with his own sense of style.

My husband was a much cuter version.....
Matt Smith is pretty cute, but my husband was a much cuter version…..

Honestly, my favorite Doctor is the 10th, who is played by the very Scottish David Tennant.  But I have already dressed as the 11th Doctor before so it was easy to do it again (mostly because I had the 11th’s Sonic Screwdriver)

Halloween in Chicago once upon a time.

If you really want to delve more into the world of Doctor who, check out this Wikipedia article:

Anyway, I am huge nerd.  I like the weird obscure shows. But I don’t know many people here with the same taste while living here in Germany.  The only one really know is my fellow expat friend Ami in Schwabenland.  We both share a deep love of Battlestar Galactica (mainly the original version with Lorne Green and a young and handsome Richard Hatch).

Everyone loved my Tardis dress, but no one had a single clue what my costume was supposed to be.  I knew that going in, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me.  But I do miss being around people who get my level of nerdiness.


Keep an eye out for next week – T and I will be equally nerdy, but the reference will definitely more recognizable!

What sort of weird obscure book or show are you a fan of?

Bis nächste Woche!!!

Hello, I'm the Doctor...
Hello, I’m the Doctor…

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