Reminding Me of Home

When I first made the decision to move to Germany, I knew that I had to collect little keepsakes to take a bit of home with me to my new one. I am not sure prompted me to need such a material item? Could it be the American consumerism that has been burned into my psyche or maybe it was the of some kind of security blanket that I need to hang on to as I (literally) flew into the unknown. Or maybe because I wanted something that could easily be a good conversation piece for when guests came to visit….

Regardless, I decided to go for something practical and (more or less) unique to take with me. Ready for it?

Scroll down….











I know, probably not what you were expecting.  I am more of a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee girl myself (and I do have a mug from there, too, that I brought to Germany), but I wanted something that said in bold letters where I came from (it happily sits in the cabinet next to my Chicago one that I bought around the same time….since it was in the Windy City where I met T). It’s one of my all time favorite mugs and I make a point to use it whenever I can (especially when we have guests).

Technically I have more “Peruvian things” than I do “Hoosier” (that means someone from Indiana, in case you were wondering – though, ironically: in some parts of Minnesota, “Hoosier” means “idiot.”) So in terms of conversational pieces, I have more of those. But those were items that I have collected over the years through my several summers spent in Peru.  This mug I bought just for this move.

What about the rest of you? Do you have an item that is very specific to home that you made sure to bring when you moved? If so, what is it?

Bis nächste Woche!

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