The View from Where I Write

You can see Lake Constance!!! Sort of.

Now that the weather is finally getting better (as well as the days getting longer), I can finally enjoy our balcony again (our one of two).  As you can see, despite a few buildings, I have a pretty decent view of Lake Constance from home. I love it.  Unfortunately once the sun sets, the temperature gets cold rather quickly, but it’s worth the time I can get.  One day, I do hope to have an office where I can both write and be surrounded by all my books (the majority of which are still in my old room in Indianapolis….but they should be heading this way soon!)

As you can see, when I get down to business, I have my computer, my awesome Beats headphones for my writing Playlist, and my Bullet Journal for my Trilogy. I will have to write more about the Bullet Journal later, because it’s so awesome! I was super psyched when I discovered the idea. But for now, just enjoy the view.

What about the rest of you? Where do you like to write? Are you also enjoying the ever improving weather (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere?)

bis nächste Woche!

One thought on “The View from Where I Write

  1. I like your workplace and Journal 🙂 Your workplace is so tidy and The view is perfect ;). I have dozens of books and papers and everything is so chaotic I do not dare to take a picture. Bis nächste Woche 🙂

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