Abner and the Glacial Valley

So……back in August (of last year….coughcough)…..T, Abner, and I met up with some friends and went on a hike.  Who were these friends? Another American lady by the name of Dani, her husband Jojo, and their dog Nala.  I met Dani through work (we were the 2, of I believe 3, Americans at our the German sites of our company).  She is no longer at our company, but we still try to meet up every now and again.

Anyway, we all love nature and hikes so we thought we would team up and tackle another hike (this happened not too long after our 5 Lake Hike in Switzerland).

We decided on Eistobel because it was relatively close to both groups.  It is a valley that was formed by a glacier that sits at the beginning of the German Alps in Bavaria.

Anyhoo, it is a hike you can literally do year round.  There are stunning waterfalls every few feet and from what I have seen of photographs – they are also a sight to behold when frozen.

But it was hot and muggy on the day we went hiking, but beautiful nonetheless.  Our dogs had a blast (which we all know to be the most important) and we got to see some lovely nature.

The reason why it took me so long to write a post about this hike was because we had filmed videos throughout the day in order to make another Adventure of Abner music video.  I finally got around to making it so now is the world premiering video of:

Abner and the Glacial Valley!

Enjoy and bis nächste Woche!

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