What’s in My Bag

So as some of you may know, T and I will be doing a quick weekend trip to the States.  Yeah, you heard that right. A weekend.  You see, it’s my little cousin’s wedding this weekend and I will be damned it I miss it.

Yeah, that little one. She used to follow me everywhere like a little duckling…
This was us back in June for my bachelorette party

With our New Zealand trip taking up the vast majority of our vacation this year, we decided to do short weekend.  Will we survive? I will tell you next week.

Anyway, in preparation for our whirlwind trip (we are flying out tomorrow!), I decided to do a little blog post of the essentials I take with me when I fly.  Usually, I take a backpack and purse but since I am planning on bringing me violin back with me from the States, I have to pack small. How?


Ok, to be honest, I couldn’t actually fit every item into my bag, but the few items that didn’t make it into the bag will go in T’s (since they are items that we share when we travel).  So let’s get started, shall we?

A lot of travel bloggers will recommend a bag from Longchamp.  I will admit, I avoided these like the plague in college when EVERY sorority girl had one.  It wasn’t until I moved here and started having shoulder problems that I looked into this bag. Why? They are super lightweight and can fit EVERYTHING!!!! I own three now, and I am not ashamed.  For this trip I am bringing my large and medium (the medium will be used on the trip back as well as my normal purse while we are out).

I am super proud of this.  I actually made this case out of a purse insert so I could carry the most basic of my camera equipment in a normal size purse.  See! It even fits in my medium Longchamp! I will write another post on how I made this for next week. So tune in!

After the camera, our second most important item is our extra battery.  I bought this baby for our Five Lakes Hike to charge our phones and the GoPro and it works like a dream! (You can buy it through this link) Then I have all the chords we could possibly need (iPhone, microUSB, and iPod) along with my iPod Nano (in case I need more music between charging), and my American Phone.  The bag it’s in is one I got from my dad from his frequent flights to the Philippines with Cathay Pacific.  I have four of these bags and I looooooooooooooove them! Included is also the American adapter to my 4-Port USB Charger that I bought before I moved here and I use it everyday! Here’s the link to get it.

Next, I made some tea bags of my favorite teas by Kusmi (BB Detox and Anastasia) because I don’t always feel like coffee.  I put them in a plastic bag to keep them fresh and then in a silk bag, cause why not?

Then I present my newest buy: noise canceling headphones by Sony.  I used to have a set of noise canceling, but they belonged to my dad who obviously wanted them back.  I like the over the ear since I have ear problems on flights and don’t want to get too uncomfortable with ear buds.  You can buy them through this link.

as a bonus, my sleeping mask also fits in this bag!

Then, of course, there’s my notebook and kindle.  I usually read about 2 books per flight so not having to carry extra weight has always been a plus:

When flying, always make sure to have your jewelry (if you have any) with you,  Never check it! I wrote a post years ago about some travel hacks that included putting your jewelry in a pill box.  I still use it!

Then last, but certainly not least, my make up.  Normally I don’t take make up with me on the flight (I usually check it and only bring eye liner and mascara) but when we get off the plane, we are immediately driving to have dinner with an old college roommate, so I figured that I should at least try to not look like I’m half dead (and perhaps a little pampering will help combat the jet lag).  And yes, it all fits.  I also managed to put all of my liquids in a plastic bag so that I can easily take them out when I go through security.  I had also included some non-make up items like perfume, deodorant, hand cream, and eye drops. Also, I just adore my little pug make up bag!

Of course some honorable mentions include:

  1. water – some people bring an empty water bottle, but I usually buy my drinks at the airport.  I am quite picky about water and don’t always like from the tap (even if it is free).
  2. socks – I always bring a pair of big fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm.  You should, too!
  3. snacks – we also pack some snacks, but also like to peruse the snack stand.

What about the rest of you? What items do you always have in your carry on?

Anyway, gotta get back to packing!

Bis naechste Woche!

2 thoughts on “What’s in My Bag

  1. I am packing my stuff also today to go for a visit to my homeland, but unfortunately I have other no so good news. My dad is ill and I am not sure what happens next with him. So, I am packing totally under stress and I cannot focus, so I guess when I get there I will figure out I forgot everything. Have fun at home 🙂

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