I Made a Thing!

In answer to your question: we did survive our weekend trip to the States.  I am tired, but I went to work because honestly the best way to combat jetlag is to literally hit the ground running. This week will be pretty easy since I will only work yesterday, today, and Friday (Thursday is Christi Himmelfahrt or Christ’s ascension into Heaven and thus we get ascend into having a day off and drink a beer with your dad….because it’s also German Father’s Day). However, we will be driving up to Remscheid that Friday in order to celebrate my uncle’s 70th birthday so yay road trip!

Anyway, last week I wrote a little piece about what was in my carry on for our weekend in the States. One of my items was my own homemade camera bag.  You see, I have my normal bag that fits in my backpack as well as other bags but I wanted something slightly smaller to JUST carry my camera and mmmmmmmmaybe my bigger lens.  The logic behind this was for my day trips.  I would take my normal case when we would travel to the States (or for our trip to Italy) but while traveling for the day around Milan or Rothenburg, I didn’t want to lug it around just for the sake of keeping my camera safe in between takes.  I originally looked into camera purses but good lord were those expensive!!!! I am sorry, but I cannot justify paying $200-$300 for a purse that can also fit my camera….no matter how cute! So I looked into DIY and man what a difference!

My normal Camera Bag Insert. Click the LINK to buy it.

First, I decided to get out my old purse insert that I bought off Amazon years ago. It’s great for totes and already rather small. Follow this LINK if you want to buy it (and here’s the LINK for the Amazon Germany Store)

I also used some foam squares, Velcro, and extra curtain fabric that we had lying around and voila! First I put the inserts into the side pockets and then made inserts for the bottom, sides, and middle.  I didn’t have a sewing machine so I did it all by hand while watching a movie.  It only took a few hours but it was painfully easy! Check out the photos below.  I fits well in my two favorite bags (my Longchamp as well as my leather bag that T bought for me in a thrift shop in NYC).  As you can see, it wasn’t very hard and I am supremely pleased with it!

Bis nächste Woche!

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