It Takes a Village to Properly Party….

Yes, that crazy person jumping is Nicola 😛

A few weeks ago, I went with T to the village of Eberbach.  Apparently every two years, the entire village turns into a great big music festival.  36 bands on five stages in three days? Yes. It’s kind of a big deal.

Eberbach is not very large, but every two years it is packed to the brim with party goers who have all come to literally eat, drink, and be merry.  It has definitely been a place to be seen since its inception 34 years before (although it is worth noting that they were celebrating their 25th anniversary this year….you do the math) and we saw almost everyone from our area that night.

It’s also an unspoken rule that you must party into the night…there are ways of getting home, but for those of us in our little villages in Hohenlohe…not so much so we joined the tent city that sprung up in the parking lot where the party could continue. T and I went with Nicola and her husband and slept in our cars only to treat ourselves to a Bavarian breakfast the next day (white sausage and pretzel).


We had a lot of fun that night.  As always, I enjoy seeing these people and partying with them.  It was a nice preview of what will happen at Muswiese this year in October 😀 I’m rather surprised that I didn’t know about it until recently, but I am glad I went!

What about you? Any big festivals that spring up near where you live?

Bis nächste Woche!

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