Old Blog, New Look!

Ok, so many of you have noticed that the website had been looking a little different over the last few days. I get a little antsy every six months or so and want to change the look of the site. So this time, I didn’t just make little changes, I finally finished one of my major goals for the site:

Interactive map! W00t! What does that even mean?

A lot of travel bloggers have a way of listing all the places they have traveled to. I have also been to a lot of places and wanted to try something like it.  I had started to make an interactive map, but then I (predictably) got lazy and left it half finished on my site. But this weekend I did it!

What does it look like? Check it out:

I first divided everything by continents. I figured it was a good place to start.

Then for each continent, I then did countries I have visited…..Europe certainly boasts quite a few. But with each of these pages, I only listed the countries/States that I have written blog posts about. I have been to Belgium, but my computer crashed shortly after that trip and I lost all of the photos….it was also loooooooooooooong before I started this blog so there are no posts about it. I could try to add Belgium to my list in Europe, but then what? Maybe I will go back and visit (which I am not sure about because the last time I was there was to visit a cousin who was living there….who is now in Colombia…..). But if I do, I will make sure to write about it!

In the meantime, play around, tell me what you think! I would love some feedback!

Bis nächste Woche!

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