Dat Ass Tho…

And I. Am. Back!

The last few months have been rather crazy. I was in the States visiting family and introducing one our nephews to the awesomeness that is the US. Then I came back and finished my last week at my job – I will definitely be writing about the ins and outs of navigating through unemployment here in Germany, then one of my besties from IU (Amanda) and her husband came to stay with us for 10 days, and then there was the move!

Yes, we’ve moved!

T took a job at his old company (the one he worked at before he moved to be with me when I first arrived in Germany). That meant – we were able to move into his family’s old house. I tried finding a job in the area before and during the move – but so far, there’s been only one interview…today…at T’s current place of employ. Crazy no? We’ll see – cross your fingers or press your thumbs, either way, wish me luck.

So what have I been doing in all this time when I wasn’t doing the aforementioned activities? Writing! Yes, my novel is getting close to being seen by an editor and then after that…..I can FINALLY get this marketing business underway so we can get this book published! How exciting!!!

But today, I’m not going to talk about that. Today I want to give you guys a little history lesson on one of the closest cities to our new home: Crailsheim.

Trust me, the title of this post does make sense!

Crailsheim is one of those cities in Germany without an old city – it was heavily bombed in WWII. Not gonna lie, it’s not the prettiest of cities (not like Rothenburg ob der Tauber). But they have a pretty great selection of food and bars (hello Bartenders!). Also, their history is pretty interesting.

Now you’ll understand the meaning behind the title.

Crailsheim is most famed for having survived a siege of three imperial cities (at once!) – Schwäbisch Hall, Dinkelsbühl, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber from 1379 until 1380.  The siege was terrible and the people were starving. But being the proud people they were – the Crailsheimer picked the fattest woman in town to climb the city walls and show her bare ass to the armies below. It was the only way to show the enemy that they were still being fed. How fucking crazy is that?

That story is so famous….they even have it on a mug:


Yeah, that bearded guy at the bottom likes big butts and he cannot lie. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

What’s more?

Those ass-shaped W’s all over the mug? That’s the symbol for Crailsheim. I shit you not…..it was even on the welcoming packet we got from the city:


I mean….whatever floats your boat, am I right? It’s not everyday a European city uses a pair of ass cheeks as their city symbol but the people here in Hohenlohe want to set themselves a part.

Anyway, I hope to post more often and I will also start writing my journey from writing to publishing as it comes. At moment, I am just chugging through edits but I will write about what it takes to find an editor as well as a few that I recommend. But in the meantime….


Bis naechste Woche!



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