The Goddaughter Came to Visit

Ok, so to most of my family – this is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper old news, but to the rest of you….

My Goddaughter came to visit for a few weeks as she was heading for her semester abroad in South Africa. I say goddaughter and most people look at us and wonder how the hell the age difference works? Well, check out an older post where I delve into how we are related (in a Peruvian sense).

Anyway, this kid is going places and I loved that she came to Germany to visit old people like T and me.

Though the timing wasn’t perfect – I was given my new job and an option of starting the beginning of the new year or a week later. I opted for the week later so that I had a few days free to take Chrissy around.

We started out in Nürnberg

Then we went to visit my fellow expat friend, Ami im Schwabenland, in her favorite city of Esslingen for some fun history and great company.

But one thing Chrissy wanted to try: snowboarding.

You see, Chrissy started dabbling in surfing last year while spending Christmas in Peru and she fell in love with it. She saw all the adventures T and I have been having in our adventures down the Alps and she thought the timing would be perfect.

The first weekend wasn’t so much since there were avalanches and people trapped in the Alps, but the next weekend……it was perfect.

My brother-in-law and his wife also decided to come with and that made me so happy – they are so much fun!

We did an overnight in Obersdorf which sits on the German border and just on the other side of the mountain is one of my favorite Austrian towns, Rizlern. What makes this location super cool is from the topmost point, you can literally take a right and ride down to Austria or to the left into Germany. As an American who can drive over 20 hours and STILL be in the same country, this is pretty cool.

Chrissy did very well after only two days on the board….she is fearless compared to me and every time she fell, she would smile and laugh and get back up again. I can’t wait for her to come back so we can hit the slopes again together.

Bis nächste Woche!

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