Pre Sale and Giveaway for The God Queen is Open!

Today’s the day, folks! Today is the day I finally announce the pre-sale of The God Queen! You can buy it folks!

Buuuuuuuuuuuut you’ll have to wait to get as it won’t be officially released until October 22nd, 2019. I KNOW I KNOW! But don’t worry, my friends, I have ways of getting it into your hands sooner – you’ll just have to stay tuned.

The kindle version will be released on Wednesday for PreSale. Weird, I know. They are strict on their 90 days and if I want it to be released on October 22 – I have to open presale exactly 90 days before…meaning Wednesday. Don’t worry, I will remind you all then!

If you are still unsure if you want to buy it – check out the first four chapters that I have posted on my site.

Of course, I am sure you are wondering, “Why the hell would I order it now? What’s in it for me?” Besides an awesome book? Well, I am hosting a giveaway! A Pre-Sale Giveaway!

What’s that you ask? I am glad you did:

All you have to do is fill this form with your proof of purchase (your receipt) and you can win a chance of one of these three awesome prizes! (Don’t worry, folks, you’ll still get a little somethin somethin just by entering!) 

So what are my prizes?

  1. A Personalized signed copy of The God Queen
  2. I ❤ the God King Mug
  3. Clear Piston Fountain Pen
  4. Stickers and Bookmarks from The God Queen
  5. Themed Prize (each winner receives one of the following)
    1. Rei
    2. Manden
    3. Crona

Each of the themed prizes come with a notebook and ink that I feel best fit each of my characters. But if you have wondering which inks:

J. Herbin 1670 Emerald of Chivor – Crona

Diamine Skull & Rose – Rei

Rohrer & Klingner Old Golden Green – Manden

So now you know! You excited about these prizes?! I am excited to give them away! Now get crackin and pre-order my book!

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